Where is the ghost ship Wind Waker?

Where is the ghost ship Wind Waker?

The ship appears near the Five-Star Isles (Waxing Crescent), the Star Belt Archipelago (First Quarter), Greatfish Isle (Waxing Gibbous), Crescent Moon Island (Full Moon), Diamond Steppe Island (Waning Gibbous), Bomb Island (Last Quarter) and Spectacle Island (Waning Crescent).

What is treasure used for in Phantom Hourglass?

Phantom Hourglass Treasures can be sold for Rupees to the Teller of Treasures on Mercay Island or to the Ho Ho Tribe, who will buy one random Treasure for a slightly higher price. The price of each Treasure varies from game to game.

How do you get the Salvage Arm in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

The Salvage Arm is an item from Phantom Hourglass. After progressing through the story, it will be added on to the S.S. Linebeck and will give Link the ability to salvage treasure from the bottom of the sea. The Salvage Arm can be purchased from Eddo at his shop on Cannon Island.

Who is the villain in Phantom Hourglass?

Bellum is the primary antagonist of Phantom Hourglass, and serves as the Final Boss….

Main appearance(s) Phantom Hourglass
Other appearance(s) Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)
Dungeon(s) Temple of the Ocean King

How do you get the ghost ship in link’s Awakening?

Begin by venturing into the Northwest Quadrant and then sail towards the fog at the western portion of the area. When Link gets deeper into the fog, suddenly Linebeck’s ship will stop working. After a short talk with Linebeck, the three spirit fairies offer to help find the Ghost Ship.

What’s it like on the High Seas in Phantom Hourglass?

The high seas of Phantom Hourglass are an adventurer’s best friend…and worst nightmare. There’s plenty to see and do on the open seas, so here’s a brief guide on what to expect. There are lots of enemies out on the water, ranging from the easily killed to the annoyingly difficult.

Is Phantom Hourglass Zelda’s first DS game?

Zelda. It’s an institution in gaming, having seen the first title in the series debut on the Nintendo Entertainment system over 20 years ago. Many sequels have followed, some better than others, but now the series makes its first entry on Nintendo’s incredibly popular DS handheld system with Phantom Hourglass.

How do I solve lagunathemoron’s order?

Pull the second one from the right. Second the left. Third the right one. Then the scond from the left. And last the middle one. Follow Lagunathemoron’s order – that’s the correct one. I got stuck on this one too, but it is embarrassingly simple when you know how.