Where is the Dja Reserve found in Cameroon?

Where is the Dja Reserve found in Cameroon?

south eastern Cameroon
Dja Faunal Reserve (Réserve de faune du Dja, also known as Réserve de Biosphère Dja), located in south eastern Cameroon, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed in 1987.

Where is the largest forest reserve found in Cameroon?

The Bakossi Forest Reserve is a 5,517 square kilometres (2,130 sq mi) reserve within the Bakossi Mountains in Cameroon, home to many rare species of plants, animals and birds.

Where is the Dja Reserve found?

The Dja Biosphere Reserve is located in the south of Cameroon and encompasses a variety of geographic and climatic zones that contribute to its high biodiversity. The area comprises mainly dense evergreen Congo rainforest and hosts a wide range of primate species.

How many national parks are in Cameroon?

nine national parks
The Cameroon has nine national parks spread across the country. – The Waza Park (170,000 ha) (lion, giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, ostrich, topi, leopard, waterbuck, etc …). is the most famous park in the country and one of the most spectacular of Francophone Africa.

How big is the Dja Reserve?

around 526,000 ha
The Dja Wildlife Reserve With an area of around 526,000 ha, the Dja Wildlife and Hunting Reserve was created on 26 June 1950 by decree No. 319 of the French High Commissioner for Cameroon.

How many parks does Cameroon have?

The Cameroon has nine national parks spread across the country.

Which is the largest game park in Cameroon?

Waza National Park
Waza National Park covers an area of 170,000 hectares (420,000 acres) and was established as a park in 1968 in the Far-North Province of Cameroon.

Does Cameroon have Safari?

The most accessible park in Cameroon, Korup National Park, contains one of the oldest and richest tropical forests on the continent of Africa in terms of flora and fauna. In this park, enjoy hikes, walks, boat trips and safari drives through the exquisite terrain.

How many national parks do Cameroon have?

How many national parks are there in Cameroon?