Where does Menelaus end up after sailing off course?

Where does Menelaus end up after sailing off course?

Elysian plain
As for your own end, Menelaus, you shall not die in Argos, but the gods will take you to the Elysian plain, which is at the ends of the world.

What does Menelaus have to do in order to reach home?

When Menelaus was on his way back, he got lost and didn’t know which way to go. He wanted to go and catch the Old Man to ask him how to get home. She tells them to disguise themselves as seals and then attack the Old Man to capture him.

Who helps Odysseus return home after 10 years?

Who assisted Odysseus to get home quicker and how? Athena often assists him. human~Wife of Odysseus and mother of Telemachus. Penelope spends her days in the palace pining for the husband who left for Troy twenty years earlier and never returned.

What does Menelaus say in Book 15 when Telemachus says he wants to go home?

“Menelaus,” said he, “let me go back now to my own country, for I want to get home.” And Menelaus answered, “Telemachus, if you insist on going I will not detain you. I do not like to see a host either too fond of his guest or too rude to him.

How did Menelaus get home after Troy?

When Phrontis, one of his crewmen, was killed, Menelaus delayed his voyage until the man had been buried, thus giving evidence of his strength of character. After the fall of Troy, Menelaus recovered Helen and brought her home.

How does Menelaus know where Odysseus is?

He doesn’t know whether Odysseus is dead or alive but when he sees how moved Telemachus is, he silently deduces that he is the son Odysseus left in Ithaca as a baby. Telemachus tells him about the suitors, which Menelaus says is shameful and Odysseus would do something about if he were there.

Did Odysseus ever return home?

Odysseus eventually lost all of his men and almost didn’t make it back home to his beloved wife and son. After many arduous adventures and with the help of Athena, Odysseus does finally return home and is able to lay claim to his family and kingdom once again.

How long did it take Odysseus to get back home?

10 years
But of all the returning Greek heroes of the Trojan War, none took a more tortuous route than Odysseus. After 10 years of war, the king of Ithaca wandered the Mediterranean and its coastal lands for another 10 years before finally arriving home.

What truth does Odysseus reveal to Telemachus?

Athena takes this opportunity to alter Odysseus’ appearance once more, turning him into a strapping image of his former self; he looks like a god to the shocked and skeptical Telemachus. Odysseus reveals his true identity to his son, and they work out a plan to defeat the suitors.

Where is Telemachus in Book 15?

THE ODYSSEY BOOK 15, TRANSLATED BY A. T. MURRAY. [1] But Pallas Athena went to spacious Lacedaemon to remind the glorious son of great-hearted Odysseus of his return, and to hasten his coming. She found Telemachus and the noble son of Nestor lying in the fore-hall of the palace of glorious Menelaus.

Does Menelaus get Helen back?

In her youth, she was abducted by Theseus. A competition between her suitors for her hand in marriage saw Menelaus emerge victorious. Ultimately, Paris was killed in action, and in Homer’s account Helen was reunited with Menelaus, though other versions of the legend recount her ascending to Olympus instead.

How long was Menelaus on the island?

Menelaos agrees; he was pretty happy to see it again after wandering the seas for seven years. But it’s not all happy homecoming; he was pretty bummed to discover his brother Agamemnon murdered. Also, he lost a lot of friends in the Trojan war.

What happened to Menelaus in the Iliad?

Lesson Summary. Menelaus is a good soldier and a steady man, but in The Iliad he is overshadowed by the glory of his older brother Agamemnon and the Achaean hero Achilles. When Menelaus’ wife Helen is stolen by the Trojan prince Paris, the Achaean kings band together to try to get her back, and the Trojan War begins.

What happens to Helen and Menelaus after the war?

After the war, Menelaus takes Helen home to Sparta where they live out the rest of their lives together. Menelaus is a good soldier and a steady man, but in The Iliad he is overshadowed by the glory of his older brother Agamemnon and the Achaean hero Achilles.

What did Menelaus bring Odysseus on his return home?

These Eastern people were not so inhospitable as those in the West who were visited by Odysseus, and on his return home Menelaus brought with him a large number of presents which he had received.25His last stay on his wanderings was in the island of Pharos, near the coast of Egypt, where he remained twenty days,26being kept back by the gods.

How does Menelaus defeat Paris in the Trojan War?

Homer’s Iliad is the most comprehensive source for Menelaus’s exploits during the Trojan War. In Book 3, Menelaus challenges Paris to a duel for Helen’s return. Menelaus soundly beats Paris, but before he can kill him and claim victory, Aphrodite spirits Paris away inside the walls of Troy.