Where did the Lakers play before the Staples Center?

Where did the Lakers play before the Staples Center?

The Forum
The Forum was also the home of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks from 1997 to their 2001 move to Staples Center….The Forum (Inglewood, California)

Full name The Forum
Former names The Forum (1967–1988, 2004–2012) Great Western Forum (1988–2003) The Forum, presented by Chase (2014–Present)

When did Staples Center open?

October 17, 1999
STAPLES Center/Opened
STAPLES Center is a world-class sports and entertainment venue, located at the spectacular L.A. LIVE complex in Downtown LA. Construction of STAPLES Center broke ground on March 26, 1998, and the arena opened on October 17, 1999 with a concert by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

Do Lakers own Staples Center?

The deal, announced Tuesday night, links Crypto.com with Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns the Staples Center and surrounding complex, L.A. Live. The downtown arena is the home court to the Lakers, Clippers and National Hockey League’s Kings franchise.

How much does Staples pay for the Staples Center?

The downtown Los Angeles home of the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers, the NHL’s Kings and the WNBA’s Sparks will change its name after 22 years of operation, arena owner AEG announced Tuesday night. Crypto.com is paying $700 million, according to multiple reports, over 20 years to rename the building.

Where do the LA Lakers play?

Los Angeles Lakers/Arenas/Stadiums

What team owns the Staples Center?

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles KingsLos Angeles Sparks
STAPLES Center/Teams

How much do Laker girls make?

The highest paid NBA dance squads This comes out to around $35,000 a year. Next on the list are the women who dance for the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. They pocket $600 a game with a $1.500 bonus. The annual rate is approximately $30,000.

How much do the Lakers pay to play at the Staples Center?

The downtown arena is the home court to the Lakers, Clippers and National Hockey League’s Kings franchise. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but a person familiar with the deal told CNBC it was a 20-year contract worth $700 million. That makes the deal one of the richest naming rights agreements in sports.

Do the Lakers and Clippers play on the same court?

The Two Worlds. of Staples Center. This season, Los Angeles has two NBA title contenders and four of the top 10 players in the league — and they all play in the same arena.

How much do NBA floor sweepers make?

How much does a mop boy make in the NBA? Mop boys earn between $60,000 and $90,000 depending on their qualifications and experience. NBA teams may pay more or less to each mop boy based on their skills. Sometimes mop boys receive payments after each game based on a hourly rate.

Who owns Staples Center Lakers or Clippers?

Staples Center

Owner Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)
Capacity Basketball: 19,079 Ice hockey: 18,230 Arena football: 16,096 Concerts: 10,000–13,000 Boxing/Wrestling: 21,000 Concert theatre: 8,000
Broke ground March 31, 1997
Opened October 17, 1999

What NBA team plays at the Staples Center?

Los Angeles Lakers
Staples Center, the home arena of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the NHL’s Kings and WNBA’s Sparks, will be renamed on Dec.

Where do the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers play?

Both the Lakers and Clippers have played at the Staples Center since the venue was built in 1999. Before then, the Lakers played at the Forum in Inglewood, California, while the Clippers resided at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Each franchise has shown that a lot can change in 20 years.

What was the old Los Angeles Lakers’ home arena called?

The Forum (left), served as the Lakers’ home arena from 1967 to 1999, before they moved to their present home, the Staples Center (right).

How many times did the LA Lakers make the NBA Finals?

Led by Hall of Famers Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, Los Angeles made the NBA Finals six times in the 1960s, but lost every series to the Celtics, beginning their long and storied rivalry.

What NBA games have been played at Staples Center?

Staples Center has hosted the following championship events: NBA Finals: 2000: On June 19, 2000, the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers 116-111 in game 6, which took place at home, to win their twelfth championship title. This was also notable for being their first championship since 1988.