Where are the forests in the Canadian Shield?

Where are the forests in the Canadian Shield?

This ecoregion occupies a U-shaped area stretching from the Ontario-Manitoba border in northwestern Ontario south and eastward to the north shore of Lake Superior and then northeastward into west central Quebec.

Is the boreal forest in the Canadian Shield?

Almost two thirds of the country lies on Shield rock. Canada’s largest ecosystem, the boreal forest, forms a continuous belt from the east coast to the Rockies. Scientists call the area where the Canadian Shield and the boreal forest overlap the Boreal Shield, the largest of Canada’s 15 terrestrial ecozones.

What kind of land is the Canadian Shield?

By far the largest of Canada’s physiographic regions, the Canadian Shield (sometimes… The resulting surface consists of rocky, ice-smoothed hills with an average relief of 30 metres (100 feet), together with irregular basins, which are mostly filled by lakes or swamps.

How much forest is in the Canadian Shield?

Central Canadian Shield forests
Area 461,795 km2 (178,300 sq mi)
Country Canada
Provinces Ontario and Quebec

What is the taiga called in Canada?

This ecoregion covers a large area of the Northwest Territories, extreme northeastern Alberta, northern Saskatchewan and northwestern Manitoba. Short, cool summers and very cold winters typify this ecoregion.

Where is the taiga forest located in Canada?

Northern Canadian Shield taiga is a taiga ecoregion located in northern Canada, stretching from Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories to Hudson Bay in eastern Nunavut. The region supports conifer forests to its northern edge, where the territory grades into tundra.

What are the Central Canadian Shield forests?

The Central Canadian Shield Forests stretch across northern Ontario and Québec. This ecoregion includes Lake Nipigon, Big Trout Lake, the Abitibi Plains, and Rivière Rupert Plateau (TEC 94-96 and 100) (Ecological Stratification Working Group 1995).

What are the characteristics of the Canadian Shield?

These unique characteristics provide habitat for plenty of land and water life. The forest that makes up the Canadian Shield is known as a boreal forest or taiga. This type of forest is distinguished by long, cold winters and short, hot, wet summers.

What ecoregions make up the Canadian boreal forest?

Specific areas include Lake Nipigon and Big Trout Lake (Ontario). These forest contrast with more severe boreal forest ecoregions such as the Eastern Canadian Shield taiga to the north, which covers most of Northern Quebec and Labrador .

What are some natural resources found in the Canadian Shield?

Metals such as copper and nickel are the result of the Earth’s crust melting after the meteorite hit. Given the prominence of the boreal forest throughout the Canadian Shield, forestry is also a prominent industry.