When was the Book of Daniel written?

When was the Book of Daniel written?

According to some, the “scholarly consensus” on the dating of Daniel is that the book of Daniel was written in the 2 nd century B.C. Such a consensus makes me wonder about whether scholarship is controlled by people who are skeptical of the supernatural inferences in Daniel’s prophecies.

Did porphyry say Daniel was written no earlier than 165 BC?

In his book Against Christians, Porphyry (285 A.D.) put forth the notion that Daniel was written no earlier than 165 B.C. Porphyry made this assertion based on Daniel 11:21, which he believed was a prophecy about Antiochus Epiphenes IV. Porphyry determined that Daniel must have written the book in hindsight, not in advance.

Did Daniel write the Book of Daniel in hindsight or advance?

Porphyry determined that Daniel must have written the book in hindsight, not in advance. Others in recent times have jumped onto Porphyry’s bandwagon, making similar claims of later dating. These “later dating” scholars are biased by their refusal to acknowledge fulfilled prophecies.

Where is Daniel in the Book of Esther?

It should be noted that Daniel is placed between the books of Esther and Ezra / Nehemiah, which also contain histories and were written in the early Persian period. Lamentations, written by the great prophet Jeremiah, is also in the “writings.”

Is Daniel Daniel’s book comparable to Jewish apocalyptic literature?

Daniel, we are invited to believe, wrote his book as a “parable” in the form of the apocalyptic genres we find in Jewish apocalyptic literature typically composed during the Maccabean revolts. However, we are further assured by this commentary, we are not to be alarmed.

Who is Linda Ty-Casper?

Linda Ty-Casper is a highly-acclaimed Filipino writer. She was born as Belinda Ty in Manila, Philippines in 1931. Her father worked in the Philippine National Railways; her mother was a school teacher and textbook writer. It was her grandmother who told her stories about the Philippine struggle for independence, a topic she picked up in her novels.

For most in the academy, “no serious commentator” would consider an earlier date. The traditional view is that Daniel was written at the end of the sixth century or early in the fifth century, soon after Daniel’s death. The book would have been completed after 537 BC, the last date recorded in the Daniel.

Is Daniel a historical figure?

Between this point, and the independent nature of the court tales, the person of ‘Daniel’ appears to be a literary fabrication, not a historical figure (and hence, not the author of the book).