When submitting an adverse concurrent report for an enlisted member the reporting senior must ensure Which of the following actions occur?

When submitting an adverse concurrent report for an enlisted member the reporting senior must ensure Which of the following actions occur?

The concurrent reporting senior will ensure that all reports have been received and have the proper countersignature prior to submitting the batch to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-32).

What is a Nob eval?

Not Observed (NOB) Eval Example. NOB (should be the only bullet on a NOB EVAL/FITREP): Member has been onboard less than 90 days, report submitted for continuity purposes only. NOB reports are intended to fulfill reporting requirements during periods of brief service when a detailed assessment cannot be provided.

Which form is E 1 through E 6 evaluations?

NAVPERS Form 1616/26, Evaluation Report & Counseling Record (E1-E6), is a formal document prepared to assess the performance of Navy enlisted personnel with the purpose of providing feedback to evaluated individuals and to assist with their improvement.

What instruction is the Navy performance evaluation system?

BUPERS Instruction 1016.10 is the Navy’s Official instruction on reporting via the EVAL and FITREP system.

Do Admirals get FITREPs?

FITREPs are only required for flag officers in the grade of O7 and O8. DHS also has a requirement for all CG flag officers to complete an annual Executive Development Plan.

When an enlisted sailor violates a regulation in the Presence?

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What term is interchangeable with fundamentals of leadership? basic principles of leadership
When an enlisted person violates a regulation in the presence of both an officer and a petty officer, who is responsible for correcting the violator? petty officer

What trait grade must be substantiated in the comments block?

The performance trait grade of 3.0 represents performance to full Navy standards. Higher grades are reserved for performance, which significantly exceeds standards. All 1.0 grades must be substantiated in the comments, as well as general comments on the remainder of the evaluative blocks.

Who is the reporting senior for E5?

An enlisted OIC in the grade of E9 and civilians in command positions who hold the grade of GS-9 through GS-12 may sign reports on E5 and below. A CPO or SCPO may sign reports on personnel E4 and below only. GS-13 or equivalent may sign reports for E1 to E9.

When signing your evaluation you should use what color ink?

After reviewing the report, the members will check the box indicating their intention to submit or not to submit a statement and sign and date all copies. Use black or blue-black ink. 4.

How do you write a good Navy eval?

How to Write a Navy Eval

  1. Introduction: two or three lines for the rater to describe the ratee’s performance and character.
  2. The introduction should describe aspects of character not readily apparent from accomplishments.
  3. Last line of Introduction or first line of accomplishments.
  4. accomplishment.
  5. accomplishment.

How do you write an eval in the Navy?

What are the three elements that must be entered into the USMC fitness report?

Bearing, demeanor, and self-discipline are elements. highest Marine Corps standards of integrity, bearing and appearance.

What does it mean to be subjected to adverse action?

“Adverse Employment Action” Explained subjected to an adverse employment action. termination or demotion. There is an adverse employment action if employment. An adverse employment action includes conduct that is prospects for advancement or promotion. However, minor or trivial

What constitutes an “adverse employment action”?

Determining what constitutes an “adverse employment action” is critical when an employee sues for retaliation and/or discrimination. In order to be able to sustain a claim for either retaliation or discrimination, an employee must sufficiently prove that he/she suffered an adverse employment action.

What is the Common Terminology Criteria for adverse events?

The tool used to determine the severity of an AE in oncology clinical trials is the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) The Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) of NCI developed the original Common Toxicity Criteria (CTC) in 1983 to aid in the recognition and grading severity of adverse effects of chemotherapy

Is final counseling an adverse employment action?

Applying this standard, the Ninth Circuit held that the formal counseling and final counseling Woods received were not adverse employment actions because they did not affect Woods’ compensation, workplace conditions, responsibilities or status, even though the final counseling caused Woods to forfeit seniority for a period of time.