When did Bobby Layne play for the Steelers?

When did Bobby Layne play for the Steelers?

1958Pittsburgh Steelers
1950Detroit Lions1949New York Bulldogs1948Chicago Bears1944Texas Longhorns football, Texas Longhorns football
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How many Super Bowls did Bobby Layne win?

three championships
Championships: 0 (Lions won three championships with Layne: 1952, ’53, ’57).

How many championships does Bobby Layne have?

During his eight seasons in Detroit, the Lions won three NFL championships and Layne played in four Pro Bowls, made first team All-Pro twice, and at various times led the league in over a dozen single-season statistical categories.

Who was the Steelers QB in 1985?

Mark Malone
Starters per season

Season Regular season
1985 Mark Malone (8) / David Woodley (6) / Scott Campbell (2)
1986 Mark Malone (14) / Bubby Brister (2)
1987 Mark Malone (12) / Steve Bono (3)
1988 Bubby Brister (13) / Todd Blackledge (3)

When was Bobby Layne drafted?

Where was Bobby Layne from?

Santa Anna, TX
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Where did Bobby Lane go to college?

The University of Texas at Austin
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Where did Bobby Lane go to high school?

The University of Texas at Austin
Highland Park High School
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Who put the 50 year curse on the Detroit Lions?

Bobby Layne
Detroit Lions: The Curse of Bobby Layne Expires! “The Lions will not win for 50 years!” said a scorned quarterback on that fateful day, Oct. 6, 1958.

Who is Pittsburgh’s quarterback?

Ben Roethlisberger
Mason RudolphDwayne HaskinsJoshua Dobbs
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Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1988?

Bubby Brister

Pos Player Age
QB Bubby Brister 26
RB Warren Williams 23
FB Merril Hoge 23
WR Louis Lipps 26

When did the Lions go 0 16?


2008 Detroit Lions season
General manager Matt Millen (Fired Week 4) Martin Mayhew (interim)
Home field Ford Field
Record 0–16