Whats does sallow mean?

Whats does sallow mean?

adjective, sal·low·er, sal·low·est. of a sickly, yellowish or lightish brown color: sallow cheeks; a sallow complexion. verb (used with object) to make sallow.

How do you use sallow?

Sallow sentence example

  1. He had lost weight and his skin had a sallow look.
  2. The light green scrubs made his long features look sallow and the pale blue eyes that fixed on her seemed more tired than interested.
  3. The other was the mayor, a man with a thin sallow face and narrow beard.

What does sallow heart mean?

Incapable of deep or strong feeling or affection.

What is the correct meaning of the word sallow ‘? 1 point?

: slightly yellow in a way that does not look healthy. sallow. adjective.

What Colour is sallow?

Sallow means unhealthy in appearance — often yellow in color — and is almost invariably used to describe someone’s complexion.

What is sallow skin?

Sallow skin refers to skin that has lost its natural complexion. When this happens, your skin may appear yellow or brown in tone, especially on your face. As your skin ages, it’s natural to notice increasing dryness, wrinkling, and thinness. But sallow skin isn’t a natural sign of aging — it has external causes.

What is Samoan mean?

Definition of Samoan 1 : a native or inhabitant of Samoa. 2 : the Polynesian language of the Samoans.

What does it mean by overrule?

Definition of overrule transitive verb. 1 : to rule over : govern. 2 : to prevail over : overcome. 3a : to rule against.

What part of speech is sallow?

sallow 1

part of speech: adjective
definition: marked by a yellowish gray, often sickly color, as skin complexion. antonyms: rosy
related words: cadaverous, jaundiced, wan, yellow
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: sallows, sallowing, sallowed

Why do I look sallow?

Sallow skin appears as a paleness or yellowing of your natural complexion, usually on the face. Possible causes of sallow skin include anemia, vitamin deficiency and a variety of lifestyle habits, such as smoking and poor diet. Many treatments are available to treat sallow skin and restore a healthy appearance.

What colour is sallow?

What race are Samoans?

Ethnic groups Samoans are mainly of Polynesian heritage, and about nine-tenths of the population are ethnic Samoans. Euronesians (people of mixed European and Polynesian ancestry) account for most of the rest of the population, and a tiny fraction are of wholly European heritage.