What was the last episode of that 70 show?

What was the last episode of that 70 show?

Love of My Life/That ’70s Finale Part 2
That ’70s Show/Final episode
“That ’70s Finale” is the twenty-second and final episode of the eighth season of That ’70s Show, and two-hundreth episode overall. It aired on May 18, 2006 as part of the show’s one-hour series finale.

What happens to Kelso at the end of that 70s show?

Near the end of the series, Kelso becomes one of the first characters to completely break away from adolescence and into adulthood when he impregnates a girl with whom he had a one-night stand; to his friends’ surprise, Kelso took responsibility for the child, moving to Chicago to take a job to support and be near his …

Why are Eric and Kelso not in season 8?

Actor Topher Grace concluded that he was done portraying Eric before the eighth season. His character was subsequently written out of the show as Eric left Point Place to teach in Africa. The loss of two main characters like Eric and Kelso had a detrimental effect on the series, causing viewer decline.

Did Donna and Eric get married?

Donna and Eric remain together even after their called off wedding. In the end of Season 7, Eric moves to Africa to teach kids in order to pursue his dream of helping people.

When did that 70s show end?

May 18, 2006
That ’70s Show/Final episode date

Why did that 70’s show end?

Why That ’70s Show Was Canceled At the start of Season 8, That ’70s Show lost two of its lead actors: Grace and Kutcher, who both wanted to pursue film careers. The entire season takes place in 1979 and the finale took place on New Year’s Eve, allowing the cast to close out the decade.

What happens to Kelso’s baby?

She was conceived during a Molly Hatchet concert. Throughout Season 6 Kelso must adjust to life as an expecting father. Betsy is born at the beginning of Season 7. She lives with her mother and grandmother in Chicago.

Does Jackie end up with Fez?

Fans have long wondered about the finale curveball. Despite chasing her for years, Fez on “That ’70s Show” still surprised fans when he ended up with Jackie in the final season.

What’s Fez’s real name?

Wilmer ValderramaThat ’70s Show
Fez/Played by

Did Eric ever come back from Africa?

In the series finale, it is December 31, 1979, the final day of the 1970s. Eric is coming back from Africa, Hyde helps a hesitant Kitty and Red decide about moving. Fez searches for the perfect time and place for his first kiss with Jackie while Kelso returns to spend the last night of the 1970s with his friends.

How old is Eric Forrester?

John McCook
Born June 20, 1944
Birthplace Ventura, California, United States
Age 74
Occupation Actor

What was the last episode of the 70s Show?

“That ’70s Finale” is the 22nd episode of the eighth season, and series finale of That ’70s Show. It originally aired over Fox on 18 May 2006. It aired as the second part of the show’s double episode finale, concluding the series as the 200th episode.

Who is the cast of That 70s Show?

That ’70s Show. The main teenage cast members were Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama. The main adult cast members were Debra Jo Rupp , Kurtwood Smith , Don Stark , Tommy Chong and Tanya Roberts .

When did the 70s Show end?

The eighth and final season of the American comedy television series That ’70s Show premiered November 2, 2005 on Fox in the United States. The season ended on May 18, 2006 with an hour-long series finale.