What trick do they play on Jim?

What trick do they play on Jim?

We meet him first as the butt of a practical joke played by Tom Sawyer, in Chapter II. While Jim is sleeping Tom takes three candles from the Widow’s kitchen, leaving a five-cent piece on the table to pay for them. Then he slips Jim’s hat off and hangs it on the limb of a tree over his head.

What does Tom do to Jim in Huckleberry Finn?

When Aunt Polly and the Phelpses hear about the assistance Jim gave the doctor in nursing Tom, they immediately unchain him, feed him, and treat him like a king. Tom gives Jim forty dollars for his troubles, and Jim declares that the omen of his hairy chest—which was supposed to bring him fortune—has come true.

How does Huck play a trick on Jim?

Jim is thrilled to see Huck alive, but Huck tries to trick Jim by pretending that Jim dreamed up their entire separation. Jim tells Huck the story of his dream, making the fog and the troubles he faced on the raft into an allegory of their journey to the free states.

How does Huck feel about playing the trick on Jim?

Huck feels pretty ashamed of himself, as well he might. The two friends had become separated during a foggy night on the Ohio river, but when they are reunited Huck plays a cruel trick on Jim, pretending that Jim just imagined their separation.

How does Jim sacrifice for Huck?

Jim’s refusal to leave Tom in Chapter 40 becomes more significant in Chapter 42 when he allows himself to be recaptured. As with Huck’s earlier decision to sacrifice his soul to free Jim, Jim sacrifices his freedom and, quite possibly, his life by staying with Tom.

Why does Huck trick Jim?

What role does Huck play in discussions with Jim?

What role does Huck play in discussions with Jim? Huck has played the role of, at first, the master, and then, as the story goes on, he takes on the role of the child.

What lesson does Huck learn in Chapter 15?

Huck, however, does not regret his decision to apologize and learns another lesson about Jim’s loyalty. He does not play another prank on Jim, but he continues to feel guilt over helping a slave.

How is Jim a hero in Huckleberry Finn?

Jim was a hero because not only did he at as a father figure toward Huck; he also risked his life for him, and takes responsibility for Huck as well. Huck’s father was cruel and treated him horribly, by keeping him in locked rooms and barely feeding him. Jim was the father figure that Huck always needed.

How does Huck protect Jim?

As Huck and Jim consider the loot from the robbers, Huck expresses excitement over the adventure and desire for more, but Jim does not want any of it. Huck concludes that Jim is level headed. Huck reads to Jim from books found in the loot. This leads to discussion of kings and dukes.

How does Huck lie to protect Jim?

Huck also lies to keep Jim from being detected. At one point, a group of men don’t believe Huck’s companion is white and want to look for themselves. Huck convinces them that the people on his raft have smallpox. This keeps the men far away from the raft and Jim from being detected.

What trick does Tom take from Jim in Huck Finn?

Tom wants to tie Jim up, but the more practical Huck objects, so Tom settles for simply playing a trick by putting Jim’s hat on a tree branch over Jim’s head. Tom also takes candles from the kitchen, despite Huck’s objections that they will risk getting caught.

What does Jim Wear around his neck in Huckleberry Finn?

Around his neck, Jim wears the five-cent piece Tom left for the candles, calling it a charm from the devil with the power to cure sickness. Huck notes somewhat sarcastically that Jim nearly becomes so “stuck up” from his newfound celebrity that he is unfit to be a servant.

What do Tom and Huck have in common that they share?

Although Huck and Tom are set up as foils for one another, they still share some traits, which help to sustain their friendship throughout the novel. Perhaps most important, the two share a rambunctious boyishness; they delight in the dirty language and pranks that the adult world condemns.

What does Huck worry about after a month in Tom’s Gang?

Huck worries that his father will soon reappear. After a month in Tom’s gang, Huck and the rest of the boys quit. With no actual robbing or killing going on, the gang’s existence is pointless.