What songs does Dance Central 3 have?

What songs does Dance Central 3 have?


  • 2NE1 – “I Am The Best (Original Version)”
  • 50 Cent – “In Da Club”
  • Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – “Take Over Control”
  • Alexandra Stan – “Mr.
  • Alice Deejay – “Better Off Alone”
  • Backstreet Boys – “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”
  • Bellini – “Samba De Janeiro”
  • Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”

How many songs does Dance Central 3 have?

Dance Central 3 will contain more than 40 songs.

What songs does Dance Central have?

Dance Central Legacy Song List

Song Artist Type
Dip It Low Christina Milian Dance Central
Disco Inferno The Trammps Dance Central 3
Disturbia Rihanna Downloadable
DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Usher ft. Pitbull Dance Central 2

How much does Dance Central 3 cost?

Dance Central 3 Xbox 360

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
Site Price
eBay $19.95
Amazon $37.99

Is there a Dance Central 3?

Dance Central 3 is the third game in the Dance Central series. It was revealed at E3 2012 at the Microsoft Conference. It was released on October 16 in the US, Canada and South America and October 19 everywhere else.

How many songs are in Dance Central?

32 tracks
The game will include 32 tracks on the disc, with additional downloadable songs available at launch on November 4, 2010. Have you played Dance Central?

Can you still buy songs for Dance Central?

Dance Central Spotlight makes shopping for more songs easier than ever with a built-in Music Store! From your song list, just scroll over to “Store” to buy more songs and select songs there for purchase. Scroll to the “Spotlight” tab to see what’s new, on sale, or hot right now.

When did Dance Central 3 come out?

October 16, 2012
Dance Central 3/Initial release dates

How do you unlock characters in Dance Central 3?

To unlock all content, enter the following code on the home screen: X, Y, LEFT, UP, UP, A, B, RIGHT.

Can I add songs to Dance Central?

Make sure that you are signed in to an Xbox LIVE-enabled gamer profile. From the Main Menu in Dance Central 3, select Buy More Songs. Select Song Import Offers. Once they’ve downloaded, the songs will automatically install in your Dance Central 3 library.

How do I unlock hidden content in Dance Central 3?

In Dance Central 3, hidden content is unlocked through the progression of levels. To advance to the next level you must acquire a certain number of stars, which are gained from playing songs and earning bonuses. Play a downloadable song or one of the 76 tracks imported from Dance Central or Dance Central 2. Play a song with Fitness Mode turned on.

How many tracks are in dynamicdance Central 3?

Dance Central 3 is the most recent title in Harmonix’s hit dance game series for Kinect. The game features 46 on-disc tracks, ranging from the 70’s to today, with brand new multiplayer modes for up to 8 players.

How do I earn gold stars in Dance Central 2?

Play a downloadable song or one of the 76 tracks imported from Dance Central or Dance Central 2. Play a song with Fitness Mode turned on. Earn 5 gold stars on any song. Play a song you haven’t played yet. Play a song as part of a playlist.

How do I add more tracks to my Dance Central 3 library?

You can purchase even more tracks to add to your Dance Central 3 music library through the in-game Music Store or the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 240 MSP a song. You can import the 76 tracks from Dance Central and Dance Central 2 for (altogether) 800 MSP.