What position is below the governor?

What position is below the governor?

Lt. The Lieutenant Governor of California is a statewide constitutional officer who serves as vice-executive of the State of California.

What other executive officers are there?

Other executive officers are established by statute rather than the state constitution. Such offices often include auditor, agriculture commissioner, natural resources commissioner, insurance commissioner and others. Executive officers are ordinarily either elected or appointed by the governor.

Who is higher governor or secretary of state?

Like the lieutenant governor, in most states, the secretary of state is in the line of succession to succeed the governor, in most cases immediately behind the lieutenant governor.

What is the name of the state executive?

The governor is the executive head of the state and all executive actions of the State are taken in his name. He also appoints all important officials of the state including the Chief minister ministers advocate general, chairman and members of the state public service commission.

Who is below a governor?

lieutenant governor
A lieutenant governor, lieutenant-governor, or vice governor is a high officer of state, whose precise role and rank vary by jurisdiction. Often a lieutenant governor is the deputy, or lieutenant, to or ranked under a governor — a “second-in-command”, rather like deputy governor.

Who is right below a governor?

The Secretary of State exists in 47 states; it is an elected position in 34 states, appointed by the governor in nine states, and by the legislature in the remaining three. The secretary of state is usually the position next in seniority after the governor and the lieutenant governor.

Who is below the state governor?

The Lieutenant Governor exists in 45 states and is an elected position in 43 of those states. The lieutenant governors of Tennessee and West Virginia are chosen by the state legislature, with whatever Senator is elected President Pro Tem automatically also becoming the lieutenant governor.

Who comes under state executive?

State Executive consists of Governor and the Council of Ministers with the Chief Minister as its head. The Governor of a state is appointed by the President for a term of five years and holds office during his pleasure.

Who is the head of executive in state?

the Governor
Complete Step by Step Answer: The executive head of the State is the Governor. Each state has its own Governor and has to act according to the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.

What is the role of a lieutenant governor?

Under California’s Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor serves as Acting Governor whenever the Governor is absent from the state, and automatically becomes Governor if a vacancy occurs in the Office of Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is also President of the Senate and votes in case of a tie.

Who is next in line to be the Lieutenant Governor?

Five states do not have a position of an official lieutenant governor. In these cases, the Secretary of State or the President of the Senate is next in line for the governorship. One territory, Puerto Rico, places the Secretary of State next in line for the governorship.

How many US states have a lieutenant governor?

The following is a complete, and current list of lieutenant governors of the 50 U.S. States, and its Territories. Currently, 25 states elect a lieutenant governor on a ticket with the governor, while 18 states elect a lieutenant governor separately.

What is the full title of the Lieutenant Governor of DC?

The full title of the office is Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate. ^ Mendelson was initially appointed Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia after the position was vacated on June 6, 2012, due to the resignation of Kwame R. Brown.

What does it mean when a lieutenant governor retires?

A notation of (retiring) after the year indicates that the current lieutenant governor is leaving office that year, having not sought re-election. A notation of (defeated) indicates that the current lieutenant governor was defeated for re-election.