What position did Dusty Baker play when he played baseball?

What position did Dusty Baker play when he played baseball?

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Dusty Baker is a Major League Baseball (MLB) manager, who currently manages the Houston Astros, and a retired baseball player. As a baseball player, he had a 19-year career as a hard-hitting outfielder, primarily with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Where did Dusty Baker go to high school?

Del Campo High School
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Who is Angels shortstop?

Jack Mayfield
Luis Rengifo
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Advanced metrics also rated his defense poorly this year. Last week the Angels decided to play Jack Mayfield, a 30-year-old journeyman, at shortstop regularly. Mayfield is still set to make around the major league minimum next year, and he’s not a free agent for at least four more years.

What happened to Dusty Baker?

Dusty Baker has spent a lifetime in baseball. After a productive career as an outfielder for four teams over a 19-year career, Baker joined the managerial ranks. As a major league manager over most of the past three decades, he developed a reputation for helping teams win, although a coveted World Series title has eluded him.

Did Dusty Baker win a World Series with the Dodgers?

Also in 1977, Dusty Baker was awarded the first ever National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player award. Baker ultimately won a World Series title in 1981 with the Dodgers. However, Baker played poorly during the series, batting .167 with an OBP of .192.

How many home runs did Dusty Baker hit in 1977?

On October 2, 1977, Dusty Baker hit his thirtieth home run of the season, setting a personal record, and joining teammates Ron Cey (30 HRs), Steve Garvey (33 HRs) and Reggie Smith (32 HRs), each with 30-or-more home runs as well that season, making the 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers the first team in baseball history with four 30-home run hitters.

How many years did Dave Baker play for the Dodgers?

After spending eight full seasons with the Braves and another eight with the Dodgers, as well as short tenures with both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics, Baker finished his career as a player in 1986 with a .278 batting average, 242 home runs, and 1,013 runs batted in .