What makes Darl different from the other characters?

What makes Darl different from the other characters?

Darl is different from the other characters because he is the omniscient narrator in the novel. Being able to describe his mother’s death when he was not present proves that Darl had insight that other characters in the novel did not.

How is Addie described in As I Lay Dying?

Addie Bundren is a controversial figure in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying (1929). She is often labeled as an eccentric and demonic mother who is responsible for the dislocation of her family members.

What kind of person is cash As I Lay Dying?

He’s a type-A perfectionist – notice how he holds each board to the coffin up to the window for his mother to approve. This might seem a little tactless –and indeed it is from more than one perspective in the novel – but Cash clearly doesn’t intend it this way.

Is Darl crazy in As I Lay Dying?

Gillespie’s barn, leads the readers to conclude that Darl is insane. His insanity is closely knitted with a major mental illness of the time Faulkner was writing; Faulkner implicitly states that Darl suffers from PTSD. The novel, As I Lay Dying, was written right after the First World War.

Why is Darl important in As I Lay Dying?

Darl as the Narrator That would certainly explain why he knows everything – narrators are traditionally by nature omniscient regarding the stories they tell. It would also explain how he’s able to narrate scenes for which he is not present, like Addie’s death.

How does Addie feel about Darl?

Only through violence, and not through words, can Addie feel that she is living. But then, as she came to this conclusion, she discovered that she had Darl. Thus Addie felt that somehow she had been tricked by Anse’s words, and because she had been tricked, she could never accept Darl.

Why did Addie marry Anse in As I Lay Dying?

We see that Addie married Anse because there was nothing else to do. She was tired of the children, tired of teaching school, and she says that when Anse came along she simply accepted him without any thought. There is no implication of love but simply a marriage of convenience.

What happens to Cash’s leg in As I Lay Dying?

He suggests that Darl save himself and jump into the water. Cash is thrown into the water, holds onto the rope. Cash is kicked by Jewel’s horse, re-breaking his leg.

Does Darl have schizophrenia?

The leading diagnosis of the character Darl Bundren, as given by the critics, is schizophrenia (Simon 106). Simon simultaneously diagnoses Darl with schizophrenia and uses the term interchangeably with the two words “madness” or “insanity” (104).

What does Darl say Addie wants from God?

Just before Darl sets fire to the barn, he senses the presence and desires of his mother: “She’s talking to God. . . . She wants Him to hide her away from the sight of man . . . so she can lay down her life. . . .

Who saves Addie from the river?

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Jewel does indeed save Addie – the dead Addie in her coffin – from the water and from the fire. So, in one sense, Addie’s prophecy comes true.