What is the weight of shot put for juniors?

What is the weight of shot put for juniors?

Throwing weight rules for Shot Puts

Age Category Min. Weight Diameter Min.
U15 Boys 4Kg 95mm
U17 Boys 5kg 100mm
Junior Men 6kg 105mm
Senior Men 7.26kg 110mm

How much does a middle school girls shot put ball weigh?

6 pounds
Girls Shot Put: 6 pounds. Boys Shot Put: 4 kilograms. Girls/Boys Discus: 1 kilogram.

How much does a shot put weigh for middle school?

Official weight and size 8 lb iron track shot put.

How much does a female shot put weigh?

The shot, a metal ball (7.26kg/16lb for men, 4kg/8.8lb for women), is put – not thrown – with one hand.

How heavy is a high school women’s shot put?

Track & Field Throwing Implement Weight Requirements (Rules)

Age Shot Put Weight
High School 12 lb 25 lb
35-49 16 lb 35 lb
50-59 6 kg 25 lb

How much does a Jr High discus weigh?

The discus weighs the same for high school girls and college women, at 1 kilogram or just more than 2.2 pounds. High school boys in the United States use the 1.6 kilogram discus, which is just over 3.5 pounds. The college men’s weighs 2 kilograms or just over 4.4 pounds.

How much does a high school girls shot put way?

shot put. In the 15- to 18-year-old brackets, the USATF shot weights are the same as high school weights set by NFHS: Boys throw a 12 lb. shot while girls throw an 8.8 lb. shot.

How much do high school girl discus weigh?

Track & Field Throwing Implement Weight Requirements (Rules)

Age Shot Put Discus
High School 12 lb 1.6 kg
35-49 16 lb 2 kg
50-59 6 kg 1.5 kg

What is a good distance for shot put?

While in the rotational throw, the putter spins around rotationally generating momentum and then releases the ball. “For a male, 60 feet is a heck of a throw, but 55 feet is a nice throw,” Wood said. “For women 50 feet is an excellent throw and anything above that is really good.”

How much does an Olympic shot put ball weight?

16 pounds
In men’s competitions, the ball is 16 pounds and in women’s competitions it’s 8.8 pounds. These are some other things that weigh about 16 pounds: 40-inch LED TV. Coffee table.

How heavy is a women’s discus?

1kg for
The weight of the discus is fixed at 2kg for the men and 1kg for women. The metal disc is basically thrown by an athlete by standing inside a circle with a diameter of 2.5m.