What is the smallest city in Tennessee?

What is the smallest city in Tennessee?

Oakdale Is The Smallest Town In Tennessee And You Should Visit.

How many Villes are in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a state located in the Southern United States. There are 346 municipalities in the state of Tennessee….List of incorporated cities and towns.

Place Name Ashland City
County(ies) Cheatham County
Population (2020 Census) 5,193
Area (as of 2010) 10.85 sq mi (28.1 km2)

What are the 4 largest cities in Tennessee?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Tennessee?

Rank City Population
1 Nashville-Davidson 715,884
2 Memphis 633,104
3 Knoxville 190,740
4 Chattanooga 181,099

Is Chattanooga bigger than Nashville?

The largest city in Tennessee is Nashville, with a population of 678,448….10 Largest Cities in Tennessee.

Name Chattanooga
2010 Census 170,574
Change 8.20%
Density (mi²) 1,291
Area (mi²) 142.96

What is the oldest city in Tennessee?

1779 Jonesborough is Established Jonesborough, the oldest town in Tennessee, is established seventeen years before Tennessee was granted statehood.

What is the nickname of Tennessee?

The Volunteer State

What’s the fastest growing city in Tennessee?

Among the 100 largest cities in Tennessee, the fastest growing city is Oakland, whose population has grown 445.7% since the year 2000.

What is the best city in Tennessee to live in?

Best Cities to Live in Tennessee

Rank City
1 Franklin
2 Millington
3 Germantown
4 Brentwood

What are the 5 major cities in Tennessee?

The Five Most Populated Cities in Tennessee

  1. Nashville – 694,144. Nashville, also the state capital, is the most populous city in Tennessee and the 23rd largest in the country.
  2. Memphis – 651,073.
  3. Knoxville – 187,603.
  4. Chattanooga – 182,799.
  5. Clarksville – 158,146.

What is the prettiest city in Tennessee?

11 Most Picturesque Towns in Tennessee

  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  • Townsend.
  • Jonesborough.
  • Bell Buckle.
  • Rogersville.
  • Pigeon Forge.
  • Greeneville.
  • Leipers Fork.

What is the richest city in Tennessee?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Tennessee

Rank City Median Income
1 Nolensville $134,740
2 Brentwood $168,688
3 Collierville $113,996
4 Farragut $108,511

What is Tennessee’s state animal?

Raccoon. In 1971, the Raccoon was adopted as Tennessee’s official wild animal. The Raccoon, Procyon lotor, is a furry animal that has a bushy, ringed tail and a band of black hair around its eyes which looks like a mask. Raccoons eat fish and frogs that they catch in rivers and streams.

Where are there cities that start with the letter X?

Although no country name starts with the letter “X”, both in English or other local languages, numerous cities and towns do. Most of these cities and towns are located in China, as well as two cities in Mexico, and one city in both Mozambique and Uzbekistan. Some of the cities whose names start with the letter “X” are highlighted below.

How many cities are in the state of Tennessee?

List of Cities and Towns in Tennessee. There are a total of 548 towns and cities in the state of Tennessee. Top 10 biggest cities by population are Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Franklin, and Bartlett and ten oldest cities are Jonesborough, Knoxville, Maryville, Greeneville,

What is the other city in Mexico that starts with X?

The other city in Mexico beginning with the letter “X” is Xochimilco, which is one of the 16 boroughs in Mexico City. The borough is centered on the former independent city of Xochimilco and is divided into 18 neighborhoods.

What is the second largest city in China that starts with X?

Xianning, which is prefecture-level city in Hubei Province, is the second-largest city in China that starts with the letter “X.” The city has an estimated population of 2.4 million, and the majority of the population are Han people, while less than 5,000 identify as belonging to other ethnic groups.