What is the scientific name for a willow tree?

What is the scientific name for a willow tree?

Willow/Scientific names

Salix alba L. Species. About 400. See List of Salix species. Willows, also called sallows and osiers, from the genus Salix, are around 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs, found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the other name of willow trees?

The willow, also known as osiers and sallows, is a deciduous tree, belonging to the genus Salix. Varying in size from small shrubberies to huge trees, willows are moisture-loving plants and are native to temperate to cold regions in the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the genus and species of a willow tree?

genus Salix
willow, shrubs and trees of the genus Salix, family Salicaceae, mostly native to north temperate areas and valued for ornament, shade, erosion control, and timber.

What class is a willow tree?


What is another name for the Babylon willow?

Salix babylonica, commonly called weeping willow or Babylon weeping willow, is a medium to large deciduous tree with a stout trunk topped by a graceful broad-rounded crown of branches that sweep downward to the ground.

What is the scientific name of pea plant?

Pisum sativum
Green Pea/Scientific names
pea, (Pisum sativum), also called garden pea, herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae, grown virtually worldwide for its edible seeds.

What is the scientific name for weeping willow?

A plant with scientific name of ‘Salix babylonica’ is called as weeping willow. The name of this plant is kept as weeping willow as it was considered as willow of Babylon .

What is the Latin name for a willow tree?

Genus Latin Scientific Name = Salix.

  • Genus Latin Name Pronunciation: SAL-iks
  • Genus Latin Name Meaning: To spring or leap,referring to the fast growth of species in the genus Salix
  • Genus Common Names = Willow,Osier,Sallow,Saule,Saules.
  • Number of Taxa (types) in the Salix Genus ≈ 500.
  • See List of ALL Species by Botanical Latin Name.
  • Types of Willows.
  • What is the scientific name of the diamond leaf willow?

    The Diamond-Leaf Willow’s scientific name is Salix planifolia. It is found in North America, including most of Canada and western United States. The are located in the Canadian Arctic Tundra.

    What is The Orgin of the name Willow?

    The meaning of the name Willow is From The Willow Grove. The origin of the name Willow is English. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. A tree or shrub of the Salix family.