What is the Phoenix Suns overall record?

What is the Phoenix Suns overall record?

54 Seasons

Season Lg W/L%
2019-20 NBA .466
2018-19 NBA .232
2017-18 NBA .256
2016-17 NBA .293

What place are the Phoenix Suns in?


1 Warriors 19-3
2 Suns 19-4
3 Jazz 15-7
4 Grizzlies 12-10

Is Steve Nash jersey retired?

Nash switched his jersey number, as his customary No. 13 was retired by Los Angeles in honour of Wilt Chamberlain.

Who has the most 50 point games in a single season?

Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain has the most games with 50+ points in a season, with 45 games in 1961-62.

Is number 7 retired for the Suns?

The Suns have retired six numbers for sure: #5 for Dick Van Arsdale, #6 for Walter Davis, #7 for Kevin Johnson, #33 for Alvan Adams, #42 for Connie Hawkins, and #44 for Paul Westphal.

How many times have the Phoenix Suns been to the playoffs?

In their first forty-three seasons, the Suns made the playoffs 29 times, posted nineteen seasons with fifty or more wins, appeared nine times in the Western Conference Finals, and advanced to the NBA Finals in 1976 and 1993.

When did the Phoenix Suns start playing in the NBA?

The Suns began playing in the NBA as an expansion team in the 1968–69 NBA season. In their inaugural season, the Suns posted a win–loss record of 16—66.

What is the W/L percentage for the Phoenix Suns?

53 Seasons Table Season Team W L W/L% 2020-21 Phoenix Suns * 51 21 .708 2019-20 Phoenix Suns 34 39 .466 2018-19 Phoenix Suns 19 63 .232 2017-18 Phoenix Suns 21 61 .256

How good are the Phoenix Suns?

Despite their failures in the 2010s, the Suns franchise has the NBA’s eighth-best all-time winning percentage winning 53 percent of its games, as of the 2020–21 NBA season.