What is the land like in Jordan?

What is the land like in Jordan?

Jordan is generally a flat desert plateau, east and west, as the western edges of the Syrian and Ard As Sawwan deserts stretch across the land. In the west, the Great Rift Valley (high hills and mountains) separates the East and West Banks of the Jordan River.

Where is the Kingdom of Jordan located?

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Is an Arab Muslim country, located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula and in West Asia. Bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south and south-east, and Palestine (the West Bank) to the west.

Who lives in Jordan today?

Jordan has a population of around 11 million inhabitants as of 2021. Jordanians (Arabic: أردنيون‎) are the citizens of Jordan, who share a common Levantine Semitic ancestry. Some 98% percent of Jordanians are Arabs, while the remaining 2% are other ethnic minorities….

Demographics of Jordan
Spoken Arabic, English

Is Jordan in the Middle East or Africa?

Al-ʾUrdunn [al.ʔur.dunː]), officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is a country in Western Asia. It is situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, within the Levant region, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and the West Bank of Palestine.

How should a woman dress in Jordan?

To avoid negative attention, female travelers should wear loose clothing which covers the arms, legs, chest and the nape of the neck. Avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts, and leggings as this can be regarded as sexual clothing.

Where is the country of Jordan located?

Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north, Israel and Palestine to the west. The Dead Sea lies along its western borders and the country has a small shoreline on the Red Sea in its extreme south-west, but is otherwise landlocked. Jordan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe.

What is the history of the country Jordan?

History of Jordan refers to the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the background period of the Emirate of Transjordan under British protectorate as well as the general history of the region of Transjordan . There is evidence of human activity in Transjordan as early as the Paleolithic period .

Where is Jordan on a map?

The map shows Jordan, a desert country in the Middle East with a short coastline at the Strait of Aqaba . The almost landlocked country is situated east of the Jordan River, on the Arabian Peninsula . The nation’s official name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Is Jordan in Southwest Asia?

Jordan lies in southwest Asia in the heart of the Middle East. It is bounded on the north by Syria, on the east by Iraq and Saudi Arabia, on the south by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of Aqaba , and on the west by Israel and the West Bank.