What is the difference between English Revolution and the French Revolution?

What is the difference between English Revolution and the French Revolution?

While there were some similarities between these revolutions, they were also very different in character. England’s revolution was, generally, not very violent in character. The French Revolution, however, was a period of intense violence, beginning with the execution of King Louis and his wife, Marie Antoinette.

How was the English Civil War Different?

Unlike other civil wars in England, which were mainly fought over who should rule, these conflicts were also concerned with how the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland should be governed.

What do the French Revolution and the English Civil War have in common?

Both of these were a form of monarchy even though they were different types of monarchs. They were the forms of government that stepped in at the end of the English Civil War unit and French Revolution unit.

What are some similarities and differences between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?

[2] While both the French and American Revolution in the late eighteenth century were based on economic struggles and enlightenment ideals, the American Revolution was based on independence from British rule and the French Revolution was based on overturning the French Monarchy.

Was the English Civil War a revolution?

In the twentieth century, however, Marxist historians introduced the use of the term “English Revolution” to describe the period of the English Civil Wars and Commonwealth period (1640–1660), in which Parliament challenged King Charles I’s authority, engaged in civil conflict against his forces, and executed him in …

How was the Estates General similar to and different from Parliament?

Answer and Explanation: The Estates General was different from a parliament because it was not a legislative body. A parliament makes laws for the country, but the Estates… Explanation: please follow me.

How did the English Civil War affect England?

Besides the political consequence, it had a great effect on the development of the military and the economy. During the English Civil War, Cromwell established advanced army. It improved the strength of the English army. The new nobles and bourgeoisies took the power of the nation.

What ideas did the French and American revolutions share?

Both the American and French Revolutions were focused around liberty and equality. Both countries were trying to gain freedom.

Why did the American and French Revolution have different outcomes?

The philosophical foundation of both revolutions were the French Enlightenment philosophers. However the American revolution was more directly tied to the English Enlightenment of John Locke. The French revolutionaries thought peoples rights came from themselves as the government.

How did the English Civil War change England?

Charles II was invited to take the throne in 1660 under what has become known as the Restoration, but Cromwell ensured that no monarch would be able to rule without the consent of Parliament. The war had ended the notion of the divine right of kings and laid the groundwork for the modern UK parliament and monarchy.

How did the English civil war lead to the Glorious Revolution?

What caused the Glorious Revolution? The Glorious Revolution (1688–89) in England stemmed from religious and political conflicts. King James II was Catholic. His religion, and his actions rooted in it, put him at odds with the non-Catholic population and others.

What was the main difference between the Estates General of France and the parliament of England?

It had a separate assembly for each of the three estates (clergy, nobility and commoners), which were called and dismissed by the king. It had no true power in its own right as, unlike the English parliament, it was not required to approve royal taxation or legislation.