What is the description and function of Golgi apparatus?

What is the description and function of Golgi apparatus?

The Golgi apparatus, or Golgi complex, functions as a factory in which proteins received from the ER are further processed and sorted for transport to their eventual destinations: lysosomes, the plasma membrane, or secretion.

What is the Golgi apparatus function easy definition?

(GOL-jee A-puh-RA-tus) A stack of small flat sacs formed by membranes inside the cell’s cytoplasm (gel-like fluid). The Golgi apparatus prepares proteins and lipid (fat) molecules for use in other places inside and outside the cell. The Golgi apparatus is a cell organelle. Also called Golgi body and Golgi complex.

How does the Golgi apparatus structure help its function?

The Golgi apparatus serves as a processing center for the exportation of proteins, lipids and other large molecules to their final destinations outside of the cell. Each cisterna is made up of a flattened disk that carries enzymes meant to help or modify the protein cargo that travels through them.

What is the function of the Golgi apparatus in a plant cell for kids?

The Golgi apparatus is an organelle that acts as the packaging center of the cell. It takes in protein, modifies it, and then places it in shipping containers called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus also makes lysosomes, which are organelles that contain digestive enzymes.

What is the primary function of the Golgi complex?

The main purpose of the Golgi complex is to package molecules such as proteins and fats that are synthesized by the endoplasmic reticulum. The proteins and fats that pass through the Golgi are either stored for later use, taken to the cell membrane where they are released outside of the cell, or become part of the cell membrane.

What is a real life example of a Golgi body?

Golgi body They receive protein and other materials from the endoplasmic reticulum Real life example: UPS Choroplasts They capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food Real life example: solar panels Vacuole They are storage areas of cell

What happens when Golgi apparatus Malfunction?

Golgi Apparatus Malfunction. The major function of Golgi apparatus is to store and package protein but if it sends the protein and lipids to the wrong locations, diseases like batten’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other lipid/protein diseases could occur.

Is the function of the Golgi body production of proteins?

Function Of The Golgi Body The Golgi body is primarily responsible for the individual packaging and transport of proteins that are synthesized by the endoplasmic reticulum. Once a protein is created in the endoplasmic reticulum, it is sealed in a vesicle and sent to the Golgi body.