What is the depression rate in Australia?

What is the depression rate in Australia?

Message: One in 16 Australians is currently experiencing depression. Breakdown: 6.2% of Australians aged 16 to 85 have experienced an affective disorder in the last 12 months. This is equivalent to 1.16 million people today. Message: One in seven Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition.

What percentage of the population has depression 2020?

Overview. Depression is a common illness worldwide, with an estimated 3.8% of the population affected, including 5.0% among adults and 5.7% among adults older than 60 years (1). Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression (1).

What percent of the population has depression?

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that 16.2 million U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2016. This represents 6.7 percent of the U.S. adult population. Depression is most common in ages 18 to 25 (10.9 percent) and in individuals belonging to two or more races (10.5 percent).

Is Australia the most depressed country?

It put Australia as the third most depressed country, coming an equal second place with Estonia and the U.S with a reported 5.9% of the population effected by the mental health issue.

How many Australians have mental?

The National Health Survey 2017–18 estimated that: 1 in 5 (20%, or 4.8 million) Australians reported that they had a mental or behavioural condition during the collection period (July 2017 to June 2018) females reported a higher proportion of mental or behavioural conditions (22%) than males (18%)

Which country has highest depression rate?

The most recent findings on global depression rates from the WHO indicate that the following countries have the highest rates of depression:

  • China.
  • India.
  • The U.S.
  • Brazil.
  • Bangladesh.

What state has the most depression?

Key findings:

Rank State Depression Rate
1 Oregon 25.20%
2 West Virginia 24.62%
3 Maine 23.52%
4 Arkansas 23.2%

What country has highest depression rate?

Which country has most anxiety?

According to the analysis, the United States has the highest number of stressed, anxious, and sad people in the world, with 33 per cent of its population reporting mental health issues.

What is the least depressed country?

The most depressed country is Afghanistan, where more than one in five people suffer from the disorder. The least depressed is Japan, with a diagnosed rate of less than 2.5 percent.

How many people in Australia are depressed each year?

Around one million Australian adults and 100,000 young people live with depression each year. On average, one in five people will experience depression in their lives; one in four females and one in six males.3 Among young Australians aged 12-25 years, depression is the most common mental health problem.

What is the most common mental health problem in Australia?

Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental disorders experienced by Australians. Depression alone is predicted to be one of the world’s largest health problems by 2020.2 Around one million Australian adults and 100,000 young people live with depression each year.

How many people in Australia suffer from mood disorders?

1 mood disorders (also known as affective disorders), such as depression and bipolar disorder In 2017–18, about 10% of Australians experienced depression or feelings of depression (11.6% of women and 9.1% 2 anxiety disorders – in 2017, anxiety disorders affected 13% of the population 3 psychotic illness – such as schizophrenia.

How many people in the world have depression?

An Our World In Data study estimates about 3.4% (margin of error makes this range 2-6%) of the global population has depression. This is about 264 million people worldwide. According to WHO estimates, the ten countries with the highest prevalence of depression are: