What is the characteristic of strike-slip?

What is the characteristic of strike-slip?

Definition The basic meaning of strike-slip faults is that they are near vertical sections and their two plates move relatively horizontally along strike. Its basic characteristics are straight fault line, steep cross section and narrow fault zone, which can be divided into left and right lines.

What is sinistral strike-slip?

1. adj. [Geology] Pertaining to a strike-slip or left-lateral fault in which the block across the fault moves to the left; also called a sinistral strike-slip fault. If it moves to the right, the relative motion is described as dextral. Counterclockwise rotation or spiraling is also described as sinistral.

What is the characteristics of left lateral strike-slip fault?

Left-lateral fault strike slip fault with little or no friction along fault contact. There is no deformation of the rock adjacent to contact. If the block opposite an observer looking across the fault moves to the left, the motion is termed left lateral.

What are the two types of strike-slip faults?

Faults which move horizontally are known as strike-slip faults and are classified as either right-lateral or left-lateral.

What are the characteristics of strike-slip faults?

Learn about this topic in these articles: characteristics. In fault Strike-slip (also called transcurrent, wrench, or lateral) faults are similarly caused by horizontal compression, but they release their energy by rock displacement in a horizontal direction almost parallel to the compressional force.

What is the difference between dextral and sinistral faults?

If you stand on one side of the fault and see the other side move to the right, we call that a dextral, or a right-lateral strike-slip fault. If you see it move to the left, we call it a sinistral, or left-lateral strike-slip fault. A dextral fault to you may be a sinistral fault to someone facing you on the other side of the line.

What are the key points of strike-slip motion?

Keypoints: 1 Strike-slip motion is horizontal 2 The fault is vertical, or nearly vertical 3 It can be right lateral or left lateral

How are pull apart basins similar to strike-slip faults?

In tectonic basins and rift valleys: Pull-apart basins …are closely related to major strike-slip faults—nearly vertical faults along which material on one side moves horizontally with respect to that on the other.