What is the abbreviation for football?

What is the abbreviation for football?

Football Glossary

Position Abbreviations
Abbreviation Position
QB Quarterback
RB Running Back
FB Fullback

What does D stand for in fantasy football?

Team Defense
Position abbreviations in Fantasy Football

Position What It Means
D/ST Team Defense/Special Teams
D Defensive Player
DL Defensive Linemen
DB Defensive Back

What does RB mean in football?

RB = Running Back. WR = Wide Receiver. TE = Tight End. FLEX = Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends can be used in this position. D/ST = Defense and Special Teams.

What does CB LB de SS and FS stands for?

In a 4-3 set you have one middle linebacker, or MLB. Defensive backs may be abbreviated as DB but are more typically broken down into cornerbacks and safeties, or CB and S, respectively. A strong safety is abbreviated as SS and a free safety as FS.

What does TB mean in football?

Football Glossary

Stat Abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition
SckYds Sack Yardage
TB Touchback
TD Touchdown

What position is WR in football?

wide receiver
A wide receiver (WR), also referred to as a wideout, formerly a split end, is an eligible receiver in gridiron football. A key skill position of the offense, it gets its name from the player being split out “wide” (near the sidelines), farthest away from the rest of the offensive formation.

What is SS position in soccer?

10 – Second Striker (SS): When used, they sit right behind the center forward and are mainly responsible for setting up scoring opportunities for other attackers. They should be able to shield the ball from the other team and hold them off while waiting for their teammates to position themselves for a good shot.

What is a slotback in football?

Definition of slotback : an offensive football halfback who lines up just behind the slot between an offensive end and tackle.

What is the H in football?

An H-back is an offensive position in American football. The H-back lines up similarly to a tight end, but is “set back” from the line of scrimmage, and is thus counted as one of the four “backs” in the offensive formation. The position is similar to that of a slotback.

What does QB pp mean?

pocket passer
Means “pocket passer”.

What is SS position in football?

strong safety
Safety, historically known as a safetyman, is a position in gridiron football which is played by a member of the defense. There are two variations of the position in a typical American formation: the free safety (FS) and the strong safety (SS). Their duties depend on the defensive scheme.

Is OBJ a slot receiver?

Despite his physical dimensions, Beckham is quite clearly not a slot receiver. That’s not to say he’s not very effective from the slot. His 11 slot targets have resulted in nine receptions for 119 yards, one touchdown, and seven first downs, with just one drop and one uncatchable pass.