What is something very lazy?

What is something very lazy?

slothful. The definition of slothful is very lazy.

What are some of the things lazy people do?

If you’re truly lazy you’ll definitely understand the following things:

  • Complete incomprehension when people talk about getting bored.
  • Often asking yourself if there’s a job where you can get paid to watch TV all day.
  • Your best friend is your bed.
  • But you’re not shy about texting people to bring you stuff.

What do lazy people want?

15 things on Amazon that lazy people absolutely need in their…

  1. A mug that stirs cream into your coffee.
  2. A table so you can do work from your bed.
  3. A microwave cooker for a lazy dinner.
  4. An easy way to make grilled cheese in your toaster.
  5. A smart speaker so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  6. A food chopper for the hard stuff.

Why is everyone so lazy?

Some people are lazy is the mindset and lifestyle factor. This is mainly due to how the person is brought up. Normally this happens when everything is easily available to that person given by the family. When the person is brought up this way, choosing not to work has become a second nature.

What are lazy words?

Lazy words are filler words. They act similar to verbal pauses in speech. As an example, I fell prey to “just” in graduate school. I probably still do, but I gained a heightened awareness during a weekly writing workshop.

What is a nice way to say lazy?

What is another word for lazy?

indolent slack
unambitious unindustrious
unmotivated work-shy
bone-idle procrastinative
shiftless supine

What is laziness examples?

Lazy is defined as feeling like resting instead of working or moving around. An example of lazy is a cat in the sun. Not willing to work or be energetic. Conducive to inactivity or indolence.

What does lazy stand for?

What does lazy river. stand for? lazy river. stands for “A common water park attraction consisting of a circular waterway with an artificially created current that allows guests to float along on inner tubes or other flotation devices at a leisurely pace.”.

What are the characteristics of a lazy person?

Traits of Lazy People. A lazy person does not see the point of working extra hard or striving for advancement, excellence or perfection. They may see this as pointless, as “over-achieving”, or (at work) as “sucking up to the boss”. A lazy person may see hard-workers as suckers who are wasting their time expending un-necessary effort.

What is a lazy person called?

Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is a disorder of sight due to the eye and brain not working well together.

What does a lazy person do at work?

A lazy person will most likely just be sitting, sleeping, playing games, surfing the internet, chatting with co workers, not finishing the job assigned to him. These are just a few examples of what a lazy person does at work. Try these if they are the answer to Family Feud.