What is meant by Theosophist?

What is meant by Theosophist?

1 : teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight. 2 often capitalized : the teachings of a modern movement originating in the U.S. in 1875 and following chiefly Buddhist and Brahmanic theories especially of pantheistic evolution and reincarnation.

What is the difference between Theosophy and theology?

is that theosophy is (religion) any doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism claiming that knowledge of god can be attained through mystical insight and spiritual ecstasy, and that direct communication with the transcendent world is possible while theology is the study of god, or a god, or gods, and the …

What are the three objects of the Theosophical Society?

The three declared Objects of the Theosophical Society are:

  • To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.
  • To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science.

Is there a God in Theosophy?

God. According to the Theosophical spiritual Teachers, neither their philosophy nor themselves believe in a God, “least of all in one whose pronoun necessitates a capital H.”

What is the soul in Theosophy?

Theosophy teaches that the purpose of human life is spiritual emancipation and claims that the human soul undergoes reincarnation upon bodily death according to a process of karma. It promotes values of universal brotherhood and social improvement, although it does not stipulate particular ethical codes.

How do you pronounce Besant?

Phonetic spelling of Besant

  1. b-EH-z-uh-n-t.
  2. Be-sant.
  3. be-san-t.
  4. Bes-ant.

What does it mean to be a theosophist?

theosophy , theosophism. 1. any of various forms of philosophical or religious thought claiming a mystical insight into the divine nature and natural phenomena. 2. (cap.) the system of belief and practice of the Theosophical Society.

Is Theosophy a religion?

Theosophy is a religion established in the United States during the late 19th century. It was founded primarily by the Russian immigrant Helena Blavatsky and draws its teachings predominantly from Blavatsky’s writings.

What does theosophistical mean?

Theosophistical meaning Of or pertaining to theosophy; theosophical.