What is Jonas Salk best known for?

What is Jonas Salk best known for?

Jonas Salk, in full Jonas Edward Salk, (born October 28, 1914, New York, New York, U.S.—died June 23, 1995, La Jolla, California), American physician and medical researcher who developed the first safe and effective vaccine for polio.

Did Jonas Salk win the Nobel Prize?

A Nobel Prize The three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1954, the year polio vaccine had its first large clinical trial. Neither Jonas Salk nor Albert Sabin received a Nobel Prize for their work in creating vaccines.

Where did Jonas Salk do his work?

the University of Pittsburgh
In 1947 Salk became the head of the Virus Research Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. He worked on improving the flu vaccine and began to study poliovirus with hopes of creating a vaccine against that disease, as well.

How did Jonas Salk find the cure for polio?

Salk’s procedure, first attempted unsuccessfully by American Maurice Brodie in the 1930s, was to kill several strains of the virus and then inject the benign viruses into a healthy person’s bloodstream. The person’s immune system would then create antibodies designed to resist future exposure to poliomyelitis.

Is polio eradicated?

Wild poliovirus has been eradicated in all continents except Asia, and as of 2020, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries where the disease is still classified as endemic….Timeline.

Year Estimated Recorded
1985 38,637
1988 350,000 35,251

Who got the Nobel Prize for the polio vaccine?

In 1954, John Enders, Thomas Weller, and Frederick Robbins were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discovery of the ability of poliomyelitis viruses to grow in cultures of various types of tissue.”5370 This discovery provided for the first time opportunities to produce both inactivated and …

Did Dr Jonas Salk make money from the polio vaccine?

If the polio vaccine had been patented, it would be much more expensive than it is now. His patent would have lasted 20 years, from roughly 1955 to 1975. And in that time, it is estimated that with a traditional patent, Dr. Salk would have earned approximately $500 million worth of royalties.

Who is Jonas Salk and what did he do?

On March 26, 1953, American medical researcher Dr. Jonas Salk announces on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio.