What is girl called in Malayalam?

What is girl called in Malayalam?

Synonyms of girl

Synonyms in Malayalam ബാലിക യുവതി .
Synonyms in English young lady miss

What does Podi Pulle meaning?

“poda pulle nayinte mone” for all those who don’t speak Malayalam (the language of Kerala) translation => “get lost you son of a bitch”

How do you say Beautiful Girl in Malayalam?

I am want to say this to her….Malayalam translation: Sundari kutty.

English term or phrase: Beautiful girl
Malayalam translation: Sundari kutty
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What is the meaning of PODE?

(Scotland) A contemptible person; a vile, venomous, or loathsome individual.

What is the meaning of Adipoli?

​adjective. DEFINITIONS1. 1. excellent; used in Indian English. The concert was an adipoli performance which went deep into the hearts of everybody.

What is the native language of Kerala?

Malayalam is spoken mainly in India, where it is the official language of the state of Kerala and the union territory of Lakshadweep.

What does Podi mean in Malayalam?

The word chammanthi means chutney or sauce, and the word podi means powder (in Malayalam).

How do you say “you are very beautiful” in Malayalam?

The correct malayalam word for “ You are very beautiful” is “ Nee valare sundari aanu” . Malayalam is a traditional and very old language speaking in the state of Kerala,India. Kerala has highly educated and 100% literacy standard state in India.

What are some Malayalam words to address a non-Malayali?

CHAKARAE/VAVE/MUTHE/PONNE- terms to address a person you love or small children. PAZHAM ( BANANA), MAZHA (RAIN) ,PUZHA (RIVER) – The ‘zha’ in these words are the stressed version of ‘ela’ which most non Malayalis find difficult to pronounce. So here is a challenge for you.

What is the meaning of the Tamil words Kidilam and Ayyo?

KIDILAM – means ‘beyond awesome’ (eg: That was a kidilam movie). AYYO- literally the cutest word ever. Used all through south India whenever you mess something up UVVE!- when you know that someone is faking but you mockingly agree to him /her . THEPPU – literal meaning is ironing.

What is the meaning of the Malayalam word ‘makan’?

‘MON’ means ‘son’ in malayalam, this is often used in malayalam conversation. But the word ‘Makan’ is used in the malayalam literature most of the time. When we call some one, we don’t use direct nouns in malayalam.