What is EPW military?

What is EPW military?

Enemy Prisoner of War Handling Requirements and Considerations. The term Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) refers to a detained person as defined in. Articles 4 and 5 of the Geneva Convention. It is one who, while engaged in combat. under orders of his or her government, is captured by the armed forces of the enemy.

What is the correct order of the 5 Ss when handling EPWs or detainees?

In practical terms, this meant I was supposed to follow the “five S’s” in dealing with POWs: Secure, Silence, Segregate, Safeguard, and Speed to the rear area.

What does the EPW team do?

These special team operations consist of Aid and Litter (A&L) and Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) handling. Proper handling of EPW’s is also vital for survival in live combat. Ensuring that the EPW is free of weapons that may cause harm to your squad is very important.

What does Epw stand for?

Enemy Prisoner of War

Acronym Definition
EPW Enemy Prisoner of War
EPW Earth Penetrating Weapon
EPW Electron Plasma Wave
EPW Externally Provided Worker (UK tax law)

What is Epw in TCS?

This is an appeal to the subscribers, contributors, advertisers and well-wishers of Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), published by Sameeksha Trust, a public charitable trust registered with the office of the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai, India.

How do you deal with an EPW?

EPW Handling

  1. EPW HANDLING. Learning Objectives. 5 S’s. SEARCH. SEARCH. SILENCE.
  2. SAFEGAURD. Protect EPW against further harm. Other EPWs. Friendly forces.
  3. SPEED. Arrange transportation to higher headquarters. Properly interrogate and process EPWs. Removes prisoner from familiar surroundings.
  4. Give Me A. TAG. TAG. Rights of an. EPW.

What are the five s Army?

Who is the searcher on the opposite side of a detainee?

If you’re searching captured or detained personnel, the member of the search team that is positioned on the opposite side of the detainee form the searcher is a soldier guarding the detainee or a guard, depending on where the search is being conducted and for what reason. 0.0.

How do you search a detainees head?

Stand and move to the detainee’s unsearched side. Move around the detainee’s head, but do not walk between the detainee and guard. q. Ensure that the guard rotates to the other side of the detainee (the side opposite the side to be searched) while maintaining a 45 degree angle from the detainee’s head.

What are the standards for search and restrain of detainees?

Standards: Search and restrain the detainee sequentially according to the performance step s, locate and confiscate all weapons, contraband and items of intelligence value, and prepare DD Form 2745 and DA Form 4137 without error.

How to search detainees for contraband?

Search the detainee’s back from shoulder to waist on the side nearest the searcher. (1) Grasp the inside of the detainee’s closest elbow. completely on his or her side. point on the bra and the back, if the clasp is not there, for contraband. j. Switch hands while controlling the detainee’s elbow without changing position. k.