What is current drive cycle status?

What is current drive cycle status?

For the current monitoring cycle, or “this drive cycle”, the status is set to incomplete upon starting a new monitoring cycle. It is a normal situation for these monitors to be incomplete when starting the engine.

What does a solid yellow check engine light mean?

A solid Check Engine Light can mean something like a loose gas cap, or it can indicate a more in-depth problem like a fuel, timing, or transmission issue. Get your car diagnosed, although the urgency isn’t the same as if the light was flashing at you.

When did the Oldsmobile Intrigue come out in the US?

The Oldsmobile Intrigue was introduced on May 5, 1997 as a 1998 model. The Oldsmobile Intrigue had replaced the aging Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. The Oldsmobile Intrigue was supposed to compete with Japanese cars, and the Intrigue had also used more of a Euro look.

What is the Oldsmobile Intrigue from The X-Files?

The Oldsmobile Intrigue was featured in several scenes and promotions for the 1998 X-Files movie, The X-Files: Fight the Future. As the model’s launch coincided with the release of the film, its producers and GM’s executives at the time felt the car’s name and appearance fit with the aesthetic of the X-Files franchise.

What kind of wheels does a Ford intrigue have?

For 2002 the Intrigue Final 500 Collector’s Edition cars came in a unique Dark Cherry Metallic paint and featured Aurora-styled 17×7.5-inch chrome wheels. On June 14, 2002, the final Intrigue rolled off the assembly line as part of the Final 500 Collectors Edition.

What is the Autobahn package on a 98 intrigue?

With the Autobahn package the Intrigue came with larger 12-inch front brake rotors, being the first 2nd Gen W-body to incorporate bigger brakes. For 1998-99 models the Autobahn package consisted of a 3.29 differential ratio opposed to the standard 3.05, H-rated tires, 12-inch front brakes with ceramic pads, and a 128 mph speed limiter.