What is an index Bible?

What is an index Bible?

An indexed bible has notches cut into the open side of the Bible with tabs to locate the books of the Bible. An indexed bible has notches cut into the open side of the Bible with tabs to locate the books of the Bible.

Can you add thumb index to a Bible?

Bible Repair Services Have your Bible thumb indexed, this will assist you in finding those smaller books (like the Prophets in the old Testament!) that you always have to search for. Thumb indexing also help with those dog ears your Bible gets from flicking through the pages searching for the correct spot.

How do you reduce thumb index?

Thumb indexes can be cut by hand by the use of a half-round chisel of the proper size. A piece of binder’s board for the chisel to cut against should be placed in the book at the division page. This is a slow process and is suitable only for occasional use.

When was the thumb book invented?

The first known Thumb Bible was written by John Weever in verse form. Entitled An Agnus Dei, it appeared in London in 1601. It measured 3.3 by 2.7 cm (1.3 by 1.1 in) and contained 128 pages of six lines. In 1614, John Taylor published his Verbum Sempiternum, which also summarised the Bible in verse form.

How do I create a thumb index in Word?

Insert a Table and Text

  1. Select the Insert tab.
  2. Select Table and choose a one-column table with a row for each thumb index you want to create.
  3. Select the entire table and go to the Layout tab.
  4. In the Cell Size group, set the exact height for the tabs.
  5. Enter the text for each tab into individual cells.

How do I index my Bible?

How to Index the Edge of a Bible, How to Ladder a Bible

  1. Hardware:
  2. Tools:
  3. Step 1: Group the books.
  4. Step 2: Plot out your index.
  5. Step 3: Pick your dimensions.
  6. Step 4: Mark the start of the books/groups in pencil (the vertical lines).

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How do you do a thumb index?

What is an index example?

The definition of an index is a guide, list or sign, or a number used to measure change. An example of an index is a list of employee names, addresses and phone numbers.

What is index in Word?

An index lists the terms and topics that are discussed in a document, along with the pages that they appear on. Word collects the index entries, sorts them alphabetically, references their page numbers, finds and removes duplicate entries from the same page, and displays the index in the document.

Can Bible tabs be removed?

Tabs are printed on both sides for easy reading and quick reference. FLEXIBLE USE: Our Bible tabs can easily be removed and relocated. Excellent for Bible journaling and Bible study.

What does thumb indexed mean?

A thumb index, also called a cut-in index or an index notch, is a round cut-out in the pages of dictionaries, encyclopedias, Bibles and other large religious books, and various sectioned, often alphabetic, reference works, used to locate entries starting at a particular letter or section. The individual notches are called thumb cuts.

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