What is an example of tunic?

What is an example of tunic?

The definition of a tunic is a long, loose-fitting garment such as a loose shirt worn over pants, or is a tight-fitting short coat that is part of some military and police uniforms. A long, loose fitting top worn over a skirt is an example of a tunic. A short coat worn by a police officer is an example of a tunic.

What is a tunic in clothing?

tunic, Latin Tunica, basic garment worn by men and women in the ancient Mediterranean world. It was fashioned from two pieces of linen sewn up the sides and across the top, with holes left for the head and arms.

How long is a tunic dress?

A tunic is a garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the knees.

How do you use garment in a sentence?

(1) The coat [garment, tailor] makes the man. (2) She pulled the garment on and zipped it up. (3) She wore a shapeless knitted garment. (4) This garment should be washed carefully.

What is a tunic in the giver?

tunic. loose fitting cloak or blouse extending to the hips or knees.

How do you wear a tunic?

Other tunic rules:

  1. Pair a loose tunic with slender bottoms: straight or skinny jeans, not flared or baggy.
  2. You can wear shorts with a tunic!
  3. Adding a belt to a tunic can look great, but then forgo a necklace.
  4. Billowy tunics can be held in by a shrunken jean jacket and/or a heavy necklace, or belt.

How do Petites wear tunics?

Petite – The shorter you are, the shorter the tunic should be. Ideally, it should hit at the hip. If you are average to tall, it can hit below the hip and as low as mid-thigh.

Can you wear a tunic with a skirt?

Like we mentioned before, a tunic can fall anywhere between your hip and your knees. So one tunic would be better styled as a shirt with pants or a skirt, while others feature a longer length that would look fantastic with a pair of leggings or even worn by itself!

What are the examples of garment?

The definition of a garment is a piece of clothing. An example of a garment is a shirt. An article of clothing. To clothe; dress.

What are the different example of garments?

Underwear, Leggings,Nightwear-Underwear, Leggings, Nightwear are in woven & Jersey Fabric for Example-Boxer shorts, Briefs,Hipsters, Singlets, Bras, Long underpants, Leggings, Pyjamas, Nightdress, Shorts. 12. Swimwear-Swimwear in woven and Jersey fabric for Example-Bikini, Swimsuit,Shorts, Board shorts.

What does petulantly mean in the giver?

petulantly. in an easily irritated or annoyed manner.

What Color Is Jonas tunic in the giver?

Jonas is talking about the sameness in the community and how he has to wear the same, old gray tunic. The Giver points out that choice is at the heart of the matter; when you can’t choose, it makes life very dull. “It’s the choosing that’s important” (98).