What is a vivid noun?

What is a vivid noun?

1. Using Vivid Nouns. Nouns are words that name persons, places, things, or events. Good writers choose nouns that are specific rather than general. The word dog, for example, does not give the reader an exact mental picture.

What is vivid as an adjective?

adjective. strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc.: a vivid green. full of life; lively; animated: a vivid personality.

Which parts of speech is vivid?


part of speech: adjective
definition 1: bright and strong. That poster has many vivid colors. synonyms: bright, brilliant, radiant antonyms: dull similar words: colorful, dazzling, forceful, gay, intense, powerful, shiny, showy, strong

What is vivid and example?

The definition of vivid is something that is bright, intense or full of life. An example of vivid is the imagination of a child. adjective. 57. 12.

What words are similar to vivid?

The words graphic and picturesque are common synonyms of vivid. While all three words mean “giving a clear visual impression in words,” vivid suggests an impressing on the mind of the vigorous aliveness of something. a vivid re-creation of an exciting event.

What are vivid words and phrases?

Vivid words or phrases are expressions that convict strong, powerful beliefs or reactions. They can often be thought of as more eloquent and elaborated synonyms of a certain word (or phrase). For example instead of using run, you could use dash, bolt, hurtle, sprint etc.

What are examples of vivid words?

Kind vs very nice versus

  • Furious vs very angry
  • Thrilled vs very excited
  • Towering vs very tall
  • Overjoyed vs very glad
  • Frequently vs very often
  • Huge vs very large
  • What is the synonyms of vivid?

    Synonym Discussion of vivid. graphic, vivid, picturesque mean giving a clear visual impression in words. graphic stresses the evoking of a clear lifelike picture. a graphic account of combat.