What is a trailer landing gear?

What is a trailer landing gear?

Trailer landing gear refers to retractable supports that keep a trailer level when the tractor is removed. A pair of landing legs are fixed near the front end to support the trailer after it is decoupled from the prime mover.

What are the legs of trailers called?

A semi-trailer is normally equipped with legs, called “landing gear”, which can be lowered to support it when it is uncoupled.

When lowering the landing gear you should?

When operating the landing gear, use two hands and square feet up to handle. When lowering and raising the landing gear, ensure it is in the proper gear. When the trailer is loaded, the landing gear should be in low gear.

What is the purpose of landing gear?

The purpose of the landing gear in an aircraft is to provide a suspension system during taxi, take-off and landing. It is designed to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of landing impact, thereby reducing the impact loads transmitted to the airframe.

Where is the landing gear on a truck?

The landing gear are located on the front of the trailer and there is a landing gear on each side of the front of the trailer, so they can support the trailer. Most landing gears on trailers have two speeds, which are the low gear and the high gear.

What is the difference between a truck and a trailer?

A truck is a colloquial term for a heavy goods vehicle, it’s originally an American term. So a truck is a trailer (and cab) as well as lorry. A trailer requires a cab or tractor unit to move. All available space is used to accommodate cargo.

What is a dolly leg?

A Real Back Saver. Used by moving companies, this dolly is designed to be used when moving furniture with legs. Simply place a dolly under each leg of the furniture or equipment and it’s ready to be moved. The center cup securely holds the leg in place during transport.

What is the safest way to lower and raise your trailers landing gear in high gear?

When lowering and raising the landing gear, ensure it is in the proper gear. If the trailer is not too low, instead of using landing gear, use the fifth wheel to raise the trailer by backing the tractor under the trailer and using the fifth wheel or frame rail ramps (if equipped) as lift points.

What is the safest way to lower and raise your trailer landing gear in high gear?

Consider the following safe cranking guidelines to ensure proper, low-stress raising and lowering of the landing gear:

  • Stand parallel to the trailer when cranking. Resistance is at its highest during the raising of the gear.
  • Face the trailer when lowering the trailer.

What should you do to stop a trailer skid?

A Release the brakes. Stop Using the Brake: Release the brakes to get traction back. Do not use the trailer hand brake (if you have one) to \”straighten out the rig.