What is a system component?

What is a system component?

What is a System Component? A system component is a process, program, utility, or another part of a computer’s operating system that helps to manage different areas of the computer. While similar to a computer program, a system component is not something an end-user directly interacts with when using a computer.

How do you define a system?

A system should be defined by its boundaries- the limits that identify its components, processes & interrelationships when interfaces with another system. For Eg. A teller system in a commercial bank is restricted to the deposits, withdrawals & related activities of customers checking and savings accounts.

What are the key elements of a system?

The basic three elements of a system are: Input; Processing; Output; In addition of this, four more elements play an important role. These are: Control; Feedback; Environment; Boundaries & Interface; Therefore the key elements of a system are: Output. First of all, we must determine what the objectives or goals are, what we intend to achieve.

What are the main components of an operating system?

These pieces should be a well-defined portion of the system, which carefully defined inputs, outputs, and functions. Although Mac, Unix, Linux, Windows, and other OS do not have the same structure, most of the operating systems share similar OS system components like File, Process, Memory, I/O device management.