What is a Hi Standard M-101 Dura-Matic 22 pistol?

What is a Hi Standard M-101 Dura-Matic 22 pistol?

The Hi Standard M-101 Dura-Matic .22 pistol was made for only 4 years between 1954 and 1957 and was marketed as a fun and reliable semi-auto .22 pistol at a lower price point than some of their more expensive “target” models.

Where is the magazine release on a Dura Matic?

This M-101 Dura-Matic model has a magazine release mounted just above the trigger on the left side, a visible cocking indicator at the rear, and the frame-mounted safety at the rear also doubles as a manual bolt hold-open.

When was the first High Standard ML pistol made?

First pistols with ML prefix made for High Standard, Inc. Mixed production dates between 2 February, 1978 and 9 November, 1978 with one pistol manufactured 16 February, 1980. 15. First pistols with ML prefix made for High Standard, Inc 21 March, 1978 16. Last regular ML prefix gun 15 September, 1981. 17.

How many years are there in Hi Standard serial numbers?

Re: Hi Standard serial numbers by Hi Standard location YEAR Serial number YEAR Serial number YEAR . . 1940 70,715 1950 . . 1941 91,986 1951 1932 5,102 1942 104,520 1952 1933 6,567 1943 115,423 1953

When did the dura-Matic come out?

The Dura-Matic was produced from 1954 to 1970. High Standard is another famous name in the world of high quality, precision.22 target pistols. The Dura-Matic however, was brought to market as an inexpensive, utilitarian plinker, to compete in the market against the Ruger.22 pistol.

Can the high standard use Dura-Matic Mags?

The High Standard can use neither mag of its modern offspring. Standard Dura-Matic magazine on the right. The Dura-Matic slide does not lock back on an empty magazine. The slide can be manually locked back using the safety button. The slide has a circular cutout on the bottom on the left side for this safety button locking method.

When did the JC Higgins M-80 come out?

Produced 1954 to 1970. Later appeared renamed “Plinker” M-101 in 1971 to 1973. Plinker not available with both barrel combinations. Slightly modified version was sold by Sears Roebuck & Co. as J. C. Higgins M-80.