What impact did William Dampier have on Australia?

What impact did William Dampier have on Australia?

William Dampier was an explorer, naturalist, author, hydrographer and pirate. He was the first Englishman to chart part of the Australian coastline, and the first European to undertake a scientific study of its landscape, seas, plants and animals.

Did William Dampier discover Australia?

William Dampier, (born August 1651, East Coker, Somerset, Eng. —died March, 1715, London), buccaneer who later explored parts of the coasts of Australia, New Guinea, and New Britain for the British Admiralty. On one voyage he reached Australia (1688), probably the north coast near Melville Island. …

What did Dampier use to navigate?

The compass is a significant object in the history of modern Australia. Dampier paved the way for the great British expeditions of the Pacific.

What is the meaning of Dampier?

English (of Norman origin): habitational name from any of various places in northern France named Dampierre, in honor of St. Peter. The first element, Dam- or Don, is an Old French title of respect (from Latin dominus ‘lord’), often prefixed to the names of saints.

Who first mapped Australia?

Two hundred years ago, in the romantic age of exploration, Matthew Flinders became the first to circumnavigate and chart the treacherous Terra Australis coastline. Literally, he is the man who put Australia on the map.

Who was William Dampier and what did he do?

William Dampier. He was important in the exploration of Australia and other islands in the South Pacific Ocean. He sailed around the world three times. Dampier was born in August 1651 in East Coker, Somerset, England. Both of his parents died by the time he was 16 years old. He trained to become a seaman and sailed all over the world.

What motivates Dampier to explore?

Dampier was a pirate. But he definitely wasn’t your typical pirate. Like most pirates, he was motivated partly by the desire for material gain. But Dampier also had an insatiable hunger to see and describe what was then a little-known world.

What advantage did Dampier get from being a pirate?

When a hurricane destroyed his camp, Dampier joined a band of buccaneers. The pirate’s life provided Dampier with a source of income. But it also had another advantage that was just as important to him: the chance to visit and explore far-flung, little-known parts of the world.

What did Thomas Dampier discover in Australia?

Following the Dutch route to the Indies, Dampier passed between Dirk Hartog Island and the Western Australian mainland into what he called Shark Bay on 6 August 1699. He landed and began producing the first known detailed record of Australian flora and fauna.