What happens to zero at the end of holes?

What happens to zero at the end of holes?

Zero eventually runs away from camp and Stanley, in an effort to save him, follows after a few days. The two help each other to reach the top of a big mountain, which turns out to be Sam’s old onion field. Because Zero is very weak, Stanley carries him up this mountain.

What does each boy do when they finish digging their hole?

When each boy finishes digging his hole, what it the ritual he does? He spits in it.

What did zero do while Stanley dug the hole?

Chapter 44 After dark, Stanley digs in the hole and Zero sneaks into camp to get water and food. Zero finds frosted flakes, which he and Stanley both find revoltingly sweet after more than a week of eating only onions.

What does zero do after the fight?

After the fight, you’ll be rewarded with a new rune that summons the Master Cycle Zero.

Why is Stanley called caveman in holes?

The irony of Stanley, who only wants to avoid fights, being named Caveman is similar to the irony of Rex, who is practically blind, being named X-Ray. While X-Ray could easily be bullied because of his glasses and lack of sight, he is in fact, the leader of the group.

Who is zero related to in holes?

Zero is the one who stole the shoes that Stanley was arrested for and accused of stealing. He is the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni, the woman who put a curse on Stanley’s family. He has been homeless for most of his life, as well as being abandoned by his mother at a very young age.

How did Holes end?

The book Holes ends happily. After an intense climax in which Stanley and Zero find Kate Barlow’s suitcase and are held at gunpoint by the Warden, who confesses that her family has been digging for generations to find the treasure, Stanley’s attorney appears. The attorney rescues Stanley and Hector from the camp.

What happened in chapter 31 of holes?

Chapter 31 Stanley is angry with everyone, including himself. He regrets having Zero dig his hole for him. He considers ways to help Zero but can not think of any that do not involve retribution from the Warden. He hopes that Zero will travel to the mountain that looks like a thumb.

Why did zero disappear holes?

Essentially, the two boys go missing in the desert after fleeing the camp. Pendanski tells Zero “digging is all you’ll ever be good for.” Zero knocks him out with his shovel and takes off into the desert. Stanley knows that Zero’s only chance of surviving out there is to find God’s Thumb.

What did Stanley say to zero when he dug the hole?

When Stanley reaches his hole he finds that Zero has dug it for him. Chapter 22 Back in the tent, Stanley waits until the other boys have left before thanking Zero for digging his hole. When asked why he helped, Zero says that Stanley didn’t steal the sunflower seeds.

Why does zero say he will not dig holes anymore?

Zero says that he will not dig any more holes and when Mr. Pendanski tells him that digging holes is all he’ll ever be good for, Zero smashes his shovel across Mr. Pendanski’s face and runs away. The Warden tells the other counselors not to bother about Zero because he’ll have to return for water.

Who was usually the first to finish digging his hole?

Zero was usually the first to finish digging his hole. What did each camper do after they finished digging their hole? Each camper went to the rec room and ate after digging their holes. How does Zigzag from Holes act?

What happened to zero in the hole under the boat?

There is a hole under the boat and Zero is in it. Zero looks sick but refuses to go back to camp. Stanley and Zero go under the boat where it is cooler. Zero still has his shovel that he used to hit Mr. Pendanski.