What happened to Ikuto?

What happened to Ikuto?

The result was Ikuto having been manipulated to become Death Rebel (デス レーベル). This represents the trauma and darkness he holds in his heart. After each transformation is undone, Ikuto has no memory of his actions as Death Rebel. He first becomes Death Rebel in Chapter 31 of the manga and Episode 75 of the anime.

What episodes does Ikuto appear in?

He catches Amu in episodes 18 and 21. Also episode 51 kind of because he saves her from getting hurt and stuff and they fall together and hes holding her. Also in episode 53 he catches her when she slips. episode 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,12,13,18,21,22,23,24,26,29,33,38,41,42,43,49,50,51,53,54,55,57,59,64,65,67.

Does amu and Ikuto end up together?

Ikuto did. And it’s pretty obvious in the encore that amu ends up with Ikuto. There were only amuto moments, they held hands, Ikuto said that he will come back to her when she becomes an adult, and he didn’t let go of her when her charas came back. There.

What episode of Shugo Chara does Ikuto stay at amu’s?

074: An Exciting White Day!
Episode 074: An Exciting White Day! Shugo Chara! Wiki! Fandom.

How old is Ikuto?

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Japanese Name 月詠イクト
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Male
Nationality Japan

Who does Ikuto end up with?

Ikuto Tōhōin
Spouse Suzu – Wife
Parents Zento – Father Akina Tōhōin – Mother
Siblings Misaki Tōhōin – Sister (not blood related)

Is Amu a tsundere?

Since she has a stubborn character, fans call Amu a tsundere, but is properly classified as a kuudere. In the Second Season Of The Anime she begins to develop her own character and so increases her own powers.

Who married Ikuto?

What happened to Ikuto in the first episode?

Ikuto was first seen in the first episode when he appeared before Amu, wanting to take her three eggs in hope that one of them was the Embryo. However, he failed because Amu grabbed her eggs back and kept them held close long enough for Ikuto to give up and run away. However, he wasn’t done giving up.

What happened to Ikuto and Amu?

Of course, Amu ended up pissed and yelled at him, but everything smoothed over by the time the wedding came. Ikuto’s last appearance in the series was when Amu fell after finding out Nagihiko’s secret, and he and Tadase caught her. Yoru is Ikuto’s only shugo chara and he represents Ikuto’s dream to be free like an alleycat.

Who is Ikuto tōhōin?

Ikuto Tōhōin (東方院 行人 Tōhōin Ikutlg) is the main protagonist of the series, who is left stranded on Airan Island. Becoming the only human male on the island, he has become the center of attention of all the human females residing on the island.

Can Ikuto character transform with Yoru?

Ikuto can Character Transform with Yoru into Black Lynx (ブラック リンクス). This represents his desire to be as free as a stray cat. Black Lynx first appears in Chapter 7 of the manga and Episode 13 of the anime, where he “saves” Amu from an X Egg only to break it.