What football team does Harry Styles support?

What football team does Harry Styles support?

Harry Styles Explains His Love Of The Packers : NPR. Harry Styles Explains His Love Of The Packers The English pop star has a Packers logo tattooed on his upper arm.

Who does Louis Tomlinson support?

Tomlinson has been involved with charity work for several years. He has been thoroughly involved with Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and is one their patrons. Tomlinson tends to get active social media to help boost support and awareness for his charity work.

What football team does Tom Holland support?

What team does Tom Holland support? Holland is a Tottenham supporter.

What team does Zayn Malik support?

Bradford City A.F.C.
Malik is a lifelong supporter of Bradford City A.F.C.

What football team does Rey Mysterio support?

9. Rey Mysterio. The Mexican-American has mesmerized fans around the world with his acrobatic wrestling skills and moves. But he considers himself mesmerized by Manchester United.

What football team does the sidemen support?

Supported Football Clubs

Miniminter Leeds United F.C.
TBJZL Manchester United
KSI Arsenal F.C.
Behzinga West Ham United

Does Zayn Malik have a kid?

Khai Hadid Malik

What team does Cena support?

John Cena: Manchester United.

What team does Sheamus support?

But it wouldn’t be long before the rest of the WWE Superstars got in on the action! Drew McIntyre’s friend-turned-foe Sheamus, who’s sporting the shirt of his beloved Liverpool FC, didn’t shy away from the fact the club hasn’t had the best season, but remained optimistic about their future.

What is Louis Tomlinson famous for?

Louis William Tomlinson (born Louis Troy Austin on 24 December 1991), is an English pop singer for the boy band One Direction, actor and semi-professional footballer who currently plays for Doncaster Rovers in the Football League Championship.

What is Louis Tomlinson’s middle name?

Louis’ middle name is William. Louis was born on Christmas Eve in 1991. He is 27 years old. His star sign is Capricorn. He is the oldest member in One Direction. He was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

What political party does Louis Tomlinson support?

Tomlinson is a supporter of the Labour Party. On 15 March 2019, it was announced that Tomlinson’s half-sister Félicité died of cardiac arrest at the age of 18 on 13 March. As a result, Tomlinson cancelled his appearance at Comic Relief on 15 March.

What did Louis Tomlinson do for a living after Fat Friends?

He had a number of jobs, including at a Vue cinema and at Doncaster Rovers football stadium as a waiter in the hospitality suites. Tomlinson, along with two of his siblings, had extra roles in Fat Friends. After Fat Friends, he attended an acting school in Barnsley.