What does Uncle Hammer tell Stacey?

What does Uncle Hammer tell Stacey?

Uncle Hammer tells Stacey, “If you ain’t got the brains of a flea to see that this T.J. fellow made a fool of you, then you’ll never get anywhere in the world. It’s tough out there, boy, and as long as there are people, there’s gonna be somebody trying to take what you got and trying to drag you down.

Why did Uncle Hammer sell his car?

Uncle Hammer initially wants to re-pay violence with violence. Granger is about to foreclose on the Logan land, we expect Uncle Hammer to come up from Chicago and go all 1930s Punisher on him. Instead, he sells his snazzy car to help pay off the bank loan.

Why does Mr Jamison agree to put up the credit for the black families to shop in Vicksburg?

Why does Mr. Jamison agree to put up the credit for the black families to shop in Vicksburg? You know because from his story about how he was taken away from his family that he had a very hard life. Papa tells Cassie, “There are things you can’t back down on, things you gotta take a stand on.

Why did Mr Jamison want to back the people’s credit?

He genuinely wants to help the poor black farmers, and even offers to back their credit when they’re planning the boycott of the Wallace store (7.149).

How does Mr Jamison’s offer help the Logans move forward with their plan?

Mr. Jamison hints that he’s not the only white person in the community who finds the situation with the Wallaces unjust. He wants to help the Logans in whatever way he can, and he does so by preventing them from making a move that will lead to the Logans losing their land.

How did Papa feel about the prospect of Stacey and Jeremy becoming friends?

How did Papa feel about Stacey and Jeremy becoming friends? Even though Papa felt it was possible for them to be friends, he was worried that when they got older it would be a bad idea and have a consequence.

Why doesn’t Papa do things Uncle Hammer’s way?

Papa doesn’t want Uncle Hammer to know about the problem. Papa doesn’t want to risk Uncle Hammer’s temper. They thought he would go after them and get in trouble.

Why does Papa want Stacey to go with him and Mr Morrison to Vicksburg?

Papa plans to go to Vicksburg, but Mama wants him to wait until this trouble blows over. Plus, he wants to take Stacey and teach him how to take care of the family business. There are only seven families left who are willing to keep up the boycott, if you include the Logans.

For what reason does Papa chastise Stacey in this chapter?

For what reason does Papa chastise Stacey in this chapter? Stacey calls the men “scared jackrabbits,” and Papa tells him not to criticize the men because Stacey does not know what they risked even participating in the plan to hurt the Wallaces economically.

What do Mama and Papa organize to deal with the threat from the Wallaces?

Then the men go to Vicksburg on mysterious business—Mama won’t tell Cassie why—and when they return, Mr. Jamison comes over. He brings a fruitcake and lemon drops for the children, and then the children are sent outside. Cassie sneaks inside once and sees that they’re looking over some papers.

What happens to Papa on the way back from Vicksburg?

Apparently, on the way back from Vicksburg, the wheels came off the wagon, kind of like someone had purposefully sabotaged it. As they repaired the wagon, a truck rolled up, and someone shot Papa (not fatally, whew). The wagon then fell on Papa’s leg.

What did Uncle Hammer do for Papa?

Uncle Hammer put his arm around Papa. “What good’s a car? It can’t grow cotton. You can’t build a home on it.

What happens to Uncle Hammer and Papa after the papers are signed?

Cassie sneaks inside once and sees that they’re looking over some papers. She overhears Mr. Jamison say that once the papers are signed, the land will belong to Uncle Hammer and Papa instead of Big Ma, and anything that happens to the land now will have to be their joint decision.

What does Jamison say he is going to do with the papers?

He is there with papers for Big Ma to turn legal ownership of the farm over to Papa and Uncle Hammer, to make sure the land stays in the family. Then Jamison says that he is willing to back the credit of the families that want to boycott the Wallace store and shop at Vicksburg.

How would you describe Uncle Hammer in the roll of Thunder?

He’s able to afford a luxury car and dresses well. He has a short temper and reacts angrily to the injustices he sees when he visits his family in Mississippi, though his recklessness almost puts the family in danger. The Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry quotes below are all either spoken by Uncle Hammer or refer to Uncle Hammer.

What do the children each receive from Uncle Hammer?

They each receive a new book, two of which were written by a black man, Alexander Dumas. The children also receive new clothes from Uncle Hammer, licorice, oranges, and bananas. They treasure the books above all else, however, and Little Man repeatedly washes his hands while flipping through his book to be sure he doesn’t get it dirty.