What does the slang word cinch mean?

What does the slang word cinch mean?

something sure or easy
Informal. something sure or easy: This problem is a cinch. a person or thing certain to fulfill an expectation, especially a team or contestant certain to win a sporting event: The Giants are a cinch to win Sunday’s game.

Is cinch a slang word?

(slang) A thing easy to do or sure to happen. To bring to certain conclusion. To tighten down. To cinch is to firmly fasten or get a tight grip on something.

How do you use the word cinch?

Cinch sentence example

  1. Getting what you want should be a cinch .
  2. He reached under the horse and tightened the cinch , which finally brought Diablo to attention.
  3. No matter how tightly you cinch it, belts can twist and slip.

Is it cinch or sinch?

As nouns the difference between cinch and sinch is that cinch is a simple saddle girth used in mexico while sinch is (simple saddle girth used in mexico).

Why does cinch mean easy?

“Cinch” is a piece of American English that came into common use around 1859 and referred to “saddle girth,” according to etymonline.com, a very useful site. By the 1890s it came to mean something that is easy in the same sense that a saddle is sure hold on a horse.

Would you be a cinch?

If you say that something is a cinch, you mean that you think it is very easy to do. [informal] It sounds difficult, but compared to full-time work it was a cinch. ‘cinch’

Is cinch a company?

“cinch is a very progressive company. We work to high standards across the full range of cars. I’m proud to contribute towards our customers’ happiness and our success.” We like the way you think, Warrick.

What is the origin of the word cinch?

“Cinch” is a piece of American English that came into common use around 1859 and referred to “saddle girth,” according to etymonline.com, a very useful site. It came to American English from the Spanish “cincha,” meaning girdle. It all goes back to the Latin “cingulum” – a girdle or sword belt.

How do you cinch your waist?

10 Ways to Cinch Your Waist Without a Belt

  1. Knot your top.
  2. Use bows on dresses.
  3. Tie a jacket around your waist.
  4. Try wearing bottoms with a paper bag waist.
  5. Wear shirts with knots.
  6. Wear outerwear with bows you can tie.
  7. Use scarves in place of belts.
  8. Wear pieces with strategically placed cutouts.

What does cinch mean in cooking?

Something that’s a cinch is incredibly easy. It’s a cinch to eat a meticulously decorated cake — it’s much more complicated to bake and frost one.

What is Cinch sponsorship?

Five-year deal is league’s biggest ever. The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) today announced cinch, the UK’s fastest-growing online used car marketplace, as its new title sponsor in a five-year deal that will run until the 2025/26 season.

Who created cinch?

In total, more than 1,000 car retail sites from the UK’s major dealer groups have got involved. Launched on July 10, Cinch is the new quick, easy, jargon-free and personalised site developed by BCA, which allows consumers to browse and learn more about what car suits their lifestyle and needs.

What does the name Cinch mean?

What does cinch mean? informal : something that is very easy to do. chiefly US, informal -used to say that something will certainly happen or that someone will easily do something. US : a strap that holds a saddle on a horse. cinch.

What does “it’s a cinch” mean?

In a tangible way, addresses how the simplest tasks or ideas are regularly complicated and restricted by our own belief systems. The act of squeezing them into a pre-set form or set of rules often results in grotesquely idealized or overwhelmingly beautiful consequences. And if we’re lucky, sometimes both. acrylic, linen thread

What does cinches mean?

cinch(verb) a form of all fours in which the players bid for the privilege of naming trumps. cinch, girth(verb) tie a cinch around. “cinch horses”. cinch(verb) make sure of. cinch(verb) get a grip on; get mastery of.

What does the idiom ‘a cinch’ mean?

The word “cinch” means a girdle. It is typically used to harness a horse. The word dates back to the 1850s. The idiom has been in use since the 1890s. The original phrase is “a lead pipe cinch”. There are many conflicting stories regarding the origin and none that is corroborated.