What does have a guess mean?

What does have a guess mean?

​an attempt to give an answer or an opinion when you cannot be certain if you are right. (British English) to have/make a guess. (North American English) to take a guess. Go on! Have a guess!

What is in English guess?

To guess is to risk an opinion regarding something one does not know about, or, wholly or partly by chance, to arrive at the correct answer to a question: to guess the outcome of a game. Guess at implies more haphazard or random guessing: to guess at the solution of a crime.

How do you use guess?

“I just heard why he left her.” “Let me guess—another woman.” As you might have guessed, her parents are not happy about her decision. We can only guess at what really happened. She guessed my age on her first try. Noun I’m not sure how old he is, but I’m willing to hazard a guess.

What is an example of a guess?

An example of a guess is the thought that about 10 people will be in the race. To guess is defined as to predict, assume or estimate. An example of guess is to figure that about 50 people will be at the party.

Is guess a question?

When someone says “Guess what”, it never sounds like a question. It is a command; you are telling someone to do something. Say a couple of short questions out loud, listen to the inflection, then say “Guess what” last and you will see what I’m talking about.

Is an intelligent guess?

Intelligent guessing is choosing or providing an answer to a question without complete and sufficient information or certainty. Questions and answers can be set up that oppose the rules of intelligent context-based guessing.

What is another word for I guess?

What is another word for I guess?

presumably doubtless
I believe I expect
I imagine I presume
I suppose credible
hypothetically I dare say

What is the noun for Guess?

guesswork. An estimate, judgment or opinion made by guessing, from limited information.

Is I guess a yes or no?

◊ In responding to a question, the phrase I guess (so) is used as an informal way of agreeing or saying “yes” when you are not certain or not very excited or interested.

How do you express guessing?

Making guesses

  1. I guess…
  2. My guess is…
  3. I’d say…
  4. I’d bet…
  5. At a guess, I think…
  6. Chances are…
  7. Off the top of my head, I think…
  8. Knowing him/her, he/she…

Is guess proper grammar?

Q. How should the sentence “Guess what” be punctuated? I realize that it’s technically an imperative sentence, which should end with a period (or exclamation point), but in many contexts it’s used as if it were interrogatory, and thus it’s often punctuated with a question mark rather than a period.

How do you use guess in a sentence?

Guess-what sentence example. You can call him Tristan and your hubby call him Tuffy and guess what? Hey, you’ll never guess what happened tonight. I’m trying to guess what he might do; put myself in his boots.