What does Cole eat and how does he survive?

What does Cole eat and how does he survive?

Cole is upset, but he soon decides that he wants to live. He begins eating grass and then insects so that he can survive. At one point, he loses consciousness and then wakes up with a mouse near his hand. He decides to try to catch it so he can eat it.

What life lessons has Cole learned by the end of the story?

The main lessons Learnt in the novel are that Healing is better than punishment, Cole learning to control his anger, and learning to forgive. In the book “Touching Spirit Bear”, The main character; Cole, had a lot of built of anger. Cole’s Father had a very big role to play in his anger because his father beats him.

What is Garvey’s personality?

Throughout Ben Mikaelsen’s book, Touching Spirit Bear, Garvey is resilient. He yearns for Cole to be rid of his anger. If Cole is ever going to improve and to rehabilitate, he needs a strong cohort by his side. Garvey may just be the man to help him.

What is Cole’s plan to escape the island?

Chapters 3-5, pp. 26-46, Study Guide

Question Answer
1.What does Garvey bring to Cole’s cell? Ingredients for a cake
2.What does Cole do with the ingredients? Tastes each one individually
3.How does Cole plan to escape from the island? He plans to swim away

Why does Cole throw out the hair he pulled from Spirit Bear?

Why does Cole throw out the hair he pulled from the Spirit Bear? He is allergic to the hair. He is done lying and wants his word to be enough. The hair makes him vulnerable to attack from other predators.

How did Cole get water?

Cole decides that he will have the last say. He gathers enough moisture from his mouth to spit at the spirit bear.

Why do you think counseling and threats have no effect on Cole?

Why do you think counseling has no effect on Cole? Cole feels people have their own motives for helping him; threats are never followed up with action.

What crimes did Cole Matthews do?

Cole Matthews is a teenage delinquent who is in huge trouble for beating up a kid named Peter Driscal. He’s supposed to go to jail, but his parole officer, Garvey, somehow gets him into this program called Circle Justice, which is a Native American form of justice that emphasizes healing rather than punishment.

How did the Spirit Bear help Cole?

Spirit Bear is this big, almost magical bear that seems to be Cole’s enemy when he first arrives on the island to think about his mistakes…and to escape jail time. But even though Spirit Bear nearly kills Cole, he also helps Cole grow up and take responsibility for his own life.

Does Garvey care about Cole?

Cole hates Garvey for his role in getting him onto the island, but when Garvey rescues Cole after the Spirit Bear mauls him, Cole clings to Garvey more than anyone else. Garvey remains dedicated and loyal to Cole through Cole’s time in the hospital and, with Edwin’s help, facilitates Cole’s return to the island.

What are some of the things Cole does to survive?

In this chapter, what are some of the things Cole does to survive? He eats a mouse and some more worms and he also eats his own vomit. Spirit Bear appears near Cole at the end of this chapter. He did as much as he could with his energy and just spit near the Spirit Bear.

What is the real reason Cole agrees to go to the island?

Cole is being sent to an island for punishment because he violently hurt Peter Driscal. How does Cole feel about banishment as a punishment? He feels like the banishment is an excuse for people to get rid of him.