What do you wear to a Cirque du Soleil show?

What do you wear to a Cirque du Soleil show?

Dress Code: Although you will see Las Vegas visitors in a wide array of attire, the atmosphere in our showrooms calls for a more sophisticated style of dress. While jackets and ties are not required, we suggest casual evening attire for our guests. Tank tops, cut-off shorts, and athletic shoes are not appropriate.

Does Cirque have a dress code?

Be it guest list or table booking, Cirque Le Soir expects guests to dress to impress. Our chic and stylish dress code will ensure you fit the vibe of the VIP venue. We like our ladies to look elegant and classy so consider this when choosing your fit for the evening. Heels are strongly advised, BUT!

Does O have a dress code?

There is no dress code for any of the shows. You are gong to find people in shorts, jeans and tees and others in formal wear. Most dress casually. If you are going to an expensive restaurant men can bring nice slacks and a shirt with a collar and women can wear black pants or skirt and a silk blouse.

How much do Cirque du Soleil performers make a year?

Most performers make between $30,000 and $100,000 per year. Other Cirque employees are paid per show or hourly – it all depends on the job. Employees are offered shared accommodations at the Cirque Studios or traveling accommodations while on tour.

What language do they speak in Cirque du Soleil?

One of you asked: In what language are the songs sung in? In Alegria you will hear a mix of Spanish, Italian, English, French but most of the time you’ll hear “Cirquish” – a made-up language by Cirque du Soleil! Words don’t necessarily have to make sense to understand the emotion they are trying to convey.

What should you not wear in Vegas?


  • Stay away from flip-flops or sandals when going to a casino, nightclub, restaurant, or bar.
  • Forget about jerseys, shorts, tank tops, shorts, and baseball caps when attending formal events.
  • Do not attempt to get into a nightclub wearing sneakers (in most clubs, sneakers are considered forbidden footwear).

How hard is it to get into Cirque Le Soir?

This include dwarves, magicians, clowns, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, burlesque angle grinders, snake charmers and stilt walkers. Entry at Cirque Le Soir is really strict. Ladies, dress-up really sexy if you want to have a chance to get in. The venue does not accept any casual outfit.

Can you just turn up to Cirque Le Soir?

Imagine to combine the luxury of the most strict clubs in London with the wonderful madness of a freak show circus! As exclusive private members club, entry is only by Cirque Le Soir guestlist or via private tables booking. It does not stop here. In fact, the club is famous for having the strictest door policy.

What does black and white dress code mean?

A black and white affair is typically a more formal event, so an evening gown or a formal suit would be in order. Look for other hints on the invitation, such as “tie optional.” Parties after dark are usually more formal than those that begin in the afternoon.

Which are the 5 dress codes?

The main dress codes

  • White tie dress code.
  • Black tie Dress code.
  • Creative Black tie dress code.
  • Business Formal dress code.
  • Semi-Formal Dress code.
  • Business Casual Dress code.
  • Casual dress code.
  • California Casual Dress code.

What is the average age of a Cirque du Soleil performer?

The average age of 100-meter medalists between 1984 and 2012 was about 25. But in the first half of the 20th century, it was a few years younger, so that age has crept up, and this year Kim Collins was the first 40-year-old to run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. So How Old Can Endurance Athletes Be?

How hard is it to join Cirque du Soleil?

The audition process is rigorous, as is the training period and rehearsals that go into every show. It can take years of training to achieve the level of skills required to become a Cirque du Soleil performer. Finally, Cirque du Soleil entertainers need extensive training to bring that “wow!” factor every single night.