What do the Welsh call their fathers?

What do the Welsh call their fathers?

Family words in Welsh (Cymraeg)

Welsh (Cymraeg)
parents rhieni
father tad
mother mam
children plant

What is a Mamgu?

grandmother, a grandmother, grandma.

How do you say dad in Welsh?

BBC Vocab: A Window into Welsh….

Y Teulu The family
Mam Mother
Tad Father
Rhieni Parents
Brawd Brother

What does grancher mean?

In the South it is generally Tad-cu (grandfather) and Mam-gu (grandmother), although in my original neck of the woods (South East Wales), we used Granch or Grancher (pronounced with the english ch as in chip) for grandfather and Nan (grandmother).

What is Nan in Welsh?

Depending on where you live in Wales, there are different ways of saying “grandmother” in Welsh. If you call North Wales your home, the most common word you’ll hear is nain while South Walians prefer the cute-sounding mam-gu (pronounced maam-gee).

What do the English call their grandparents?

In Britain, Ireland, United States, Australia, New Zealand and, particularly prevalent in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nan, Nana, Nanna, Nanny, Gran and Granny and other variations are often used for grandmother in both writing and speech.

What does Mangu mean in Welsh?

Mangu is a Welsh word for Grandma, (pronounced mangee). The North Walians tend to use Nain, (pronounced Nine), but Mangu is an alternative across other areas of Wales.

What do the Welsh call their mum?

The Welsh Mam (mam means “mother” in Welsh) was an archetypal image of Welsh married women, especially popular in 19th-century industrial South Wales, and depictions of that place and era.

What does CU mean in Welsh?

Welsh English
cu beloved; dear; favourite

How do you pronounce Mamgu in Welsh?


  1. (North Wales) IPA: /mamˈɡɨː/
  2. (South Wales, standard, colloquial) IPA: /mamˈɡiː/ (South Wales, colloquial) IPA: /məŋˈɡiː/

What are grandmothers called in Wales?

How do you say nanny and Grandad in Welsh?

Mae’r fam-gu a thad-cu yn gwarchod eu hŵyr. The grandparents are babysitting their grandson. In the north, the word for nanny is nain and the word for grandad is taid. To talk about them as grandparents, you would simply say nain a thaid or taid a nain. Mae nain a thaid Rhys yn siarad Cymraeg efo fo. Rhys’ nanny and grandpa speak in Welsh with him.

How do you say ‘grandfather’ in Welsh?

Here is the translation and the Welsh word for grandfather: taid Edit. Grandfather in all languages.

Where does the word ‘Granddad’ come from?

The most ancient Celtic form of ‘Granddad’ would likely have originated from ‘grund’ of French-Norman origin from ancient RUS people (the vikings).

What are some unusual grandparent names?

Nain and Taid make ‘unusual’ grandparents ‘ name list. The Welsh words Nain and Taid have been listed in a top 10 of “unusual” names for grandparents. They are very common in north Wales, with Mamgu and Tadcu the south Wales alternatives.31 May 2011