What did Wallace Stegner write?

What did Wallace Stegner write?

Stegner’s nonfiction includes two histories of the Mormon settlement of Utah, Mormon Country (1942) and The Gathering of Zion: The Story of the Mormon Trail (1964); a biography of Western explorer-naturalist John Wesley Powell, Beyond the Hundredth Meridian (1954); and a history of the early years of oil drilling in …

Is Wallace Stegner still alive?

Deceased (1909–1993)
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Did Wallace Stegner have siblings?

He was born in Lake Mills, Iowa on February 18, 1909 to George and Hilda (Paulson) Stegner. Wallace had one sibling, an older brother named Cecil. The family soon moved west. George Stegner was a wanderer, always looking for the next best place where he would find the opportunities that would help him strike it rich.

Is Wallace Stegner a Mormon?

Stegner says he “lived in twenty places in eight states and Canada”. He was the son of Hilda (née Paulson) and George Stegner. Stegner summered in Greensboro, Vermont. While living in Utah, he joined a Boy Scout troop at an LDS Church (although he himself was a Presbyterian) and earned the Eagle Scout award.

Did Wallace Stegner’s father commit suicide?

Stegner’s father committed suicide in 1940, three years before Big Rock Candy Mountain was published. Stegner says he could not have published the book when his father was alive.

Was Wallace Stegner married?

Mary Stuart Pagem. 1934–1993
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What did Stegner win Pulitzer for?

Angle of Repose
He won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for “Angle of Repose,” a novel about an elderly, sickly man who learns to accept his anguish when he studies the lives of his grandparents and realizes that their lives, too, left much to be desired.

How old was Wallace Stegner when he died?

84 years (1909–1993)
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Is Lynn Stegner related to Wallace Stegner?

Lynn Stegner married the late novelist, historian, and essayist, Page Stegner, son of Wallace Stegner. She divides her time between San Francisco, California and northern Vermont.

Did Page Stegner have children?

He is survived by his wife, Lynn Marie Stegner, his three children, Wallace Page Stegner, Rachael Stegner Sheedy (Kerry), and Mary Allison Stegner; and three grandchildren, Sheridan Stegner, Dillon Sheedy, and Emma Sheedy.