What did Merv trade on the Silk Road?

What did Merv trade on the Silk Road?

Merv traded cotton and silk on the Silk Road and was well-known for the quality of its textiles.

What was the city of Merv known for?

Merv’s architecture inspired the Abbasid re-planning of Baghdad. A 10th-century Arab historian, Ibn Hawqal, wrote of Merv: “and in no other city are to be seen such palaces and groves, and gardens and streams”. Merv was also known for its high-quality textiles.

Why was Merv important to the Silk Road?

Medieval Merv was famous for its export wares, especially its textiles. Thanks to its advantageous location on the Silk Roads, 12th century Merv developed into a large and prosperous city famed as both a stopping point for traders as well as a centre of production in its own right.

Who destroyed Merv?

According to some estimates, Merv was the biggest city in the world in AD1200, with a population of more than half a million people. But only decades later, the city was effectively razed by the armies of Genghis Khan in a grisly conquest that resulted – if contemporary accounts are to be believed – in 700,000 deaths.

What language does Merv speak?

It also exports raw cotton to many countries including, Russia, China, Turkey and more. Back then, the languages spoken in Merv were Persian, Elamic and Akkad, and the religions were Sassanid Zoroastrianism, Buddhists, Manichaeans, and Christians. Today the official language is Turkmen and most people are muslim.

When was Merv destroyed?

Destroyed by the Mongols in 1221, the city and its irrigation system were rebuilt in the 15th century, but it never regained its former prosperity. Merv was under the Tekke Turkmens when it was occupied by the Russians in 1884.

Is Turkmenistan on the Silk Road?

The ancient Turkmen city of Merv (Mary) used to be the so-called Gate to Central Asia. The territory of Turkmenistan is still rich in monuments which in antiquity were the most considerable stops on the Silk Road. …

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Where is ancient Merv?

The State Historical and Cultural Park “Ancient Merv” is the oldest and most completely preserved of the oasis cities along the Silk Roads in Central Asia. It is located in the territory of Mary velayat of Turkmenistan.

What city did Genghis Khan wipe out?

The people of Samarkand were ordered to evacuate and assemble in a plain outside the city, where many were killed. About the time of the fall of Samarkand, Genghis Khan charged Subutai and Jebe, two of the Khan’s top generals, with hunting down the Shah.

Why did the Silk Road avoid the Taklamakan desert?

The Taklamakan Desert has very little water, therefore it is hazardous to cross. Merchant caravans on the Silk Road would stop for relief at the thriving oasis towns.