What did Linda Chavez Thompson do?

What did Linda Chavez Thompson do?

She was the first person to hold the post of AFL-CIO executive vice president, and she was the first person of color to be elected to one of the federation’s three highest offices. A native of Lubbock, Texas, Chavez-Thompson is a second-generation American of Mexican descent.

Where is Linda Chavez now?

Affiliations. Chavez has been a Director of two Fortune 1000 companies, Pilgrim’s Pride (to 2008) and ABM Industries. She is President of the Becoming American Institute.

Where was Linda Chavez Thompson born?

Lubbock, TXLinda Chavez-Thompson / Place of birth

Where is Linda Chavez from?

Albuquerque, NMLinda Chavez / Place of birth

When was Linda Chavez born?

June 17, 1947 (age 74 years)Linda Chavez / Date of birth

Are all unions associated with the AFL-CIO?

AFL-CIO membership criteria Membership is limited to national and international unions and to certain subordinate bodies of the AFL-CIO (such as organizing committees, directly affiliated local unions, departments, and state and local central labor bodies).

Who is vice president of the AFL-CIO?

When elected to the position of executive vice president of the AFL-CIO in 2013, it was a clear recognition of Gebre’s leadership skills and of the focus on building strong labor-community partnerships at the local level through the movement’s central labor councils and state federations.

Who was the first person of color elected to an executive office of the AFL-CIO?

Chavez-Thompson has 29 years experience in the labor movement. She rose from the organizing ranks of her union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), to become the first person of color elected to an executive office of the AFL-CIO.

What is the largest union in the United States?

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is the country’s largest union for public service employees. With more than 1.6 million active and retired members, it consists of nurses, child-care workers, EMTs, correction officers, sanitation workers and more.

Who founded AFL?

Samuel GompersAmerican Federation of Labor / Founder

In 1886, under the leadership of Samuel Gompers, they organized themselves as the AFL, a loose federation that remained for half a century the sole unifying agency of the American labour movement.

Who is the next AFL-CIO president?

Liz Shuler
Liz Shuler will serve as president of AFL-CIO till June 2022 after being elected by the federation’s executive council. She replaces longtime labor leader Richard Trumka who died unexpectedly earlier this month.

Who founded the AFL?